We are finally at the weekend! Pour a bottle of champagne on top of everyones head in celebration. However today is also Friday 13th, which, I did not notice untill someone plurked it, and well…we all know how the feelings are on this particular day when it arrives. Does happen very often each year, but when it does, certainly gets me thinking.

I would like to take this time every Friday to say what the big events are that shall be taking place on the grid across the weekend, and also wish you all a happy and safe one.

First of all, starting tomorrow (May 14th) is an event I have been plugging all over the place for the last 2 or 3 weeks constantly, along with many others. Japan Relief Fundraiser is an event where 60 content creators are pulling together on one sim, where residents can go, shop untill they drop, and aid the efforts still on going in Japan after the Tsunami that his earlier this year. This is so awesome, and I have been to check out the sims, and they look amazing! It’s always a great feeling to know that everyone in here can help out with some of the most important causes throughout the world, and we can all come together as one. For more information on this event, you can scroll down on this home page, and see the press release with all the details. Big thumbs up to Serene Faith and Ji Nirvana for organizing this event, and I believe it is going to be a great success! So guys, go check it out if you can.

Today will be the end of the Relay For Life ‘Paint SL Purple’. It began last saturday with residents across the grid wearing purple, changing land colour to purple, changing buildings and whatever else they could change….to Purple. This is going to lead into the ‘Halfway there Fair’ which shall be this weekend between May 14th – 15th. This period is where relayers can relax as they have reached the halfway point of fundraising this season. The all important Relay weekend is fast approaching however in mid July.

Apart from all of that activity this weekend, I wish you all a good one. I probably shall post some more stuff as it happens, but for now…I hope you all have a good weekend.



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