Last night, I went to the Skin & Shape Expo, today, I decided whilst sipping my coffee, to head on over and check out the Home & Garden fair that is going on inworld. I had heard a lot of people talking about it yesterday, so was intrigued to go and find out what it was like. And OMG! If you love homes, decor, interior, building…or just…stuff like that in general…YOU HAVE TO GO!

What I noticed that was quite impressive was the amount of stuff that is being exhibited at the expo. 10 sims full of activity to help raise some cash towards Relay For Life, which, if you have seen my last post, you would see that the fundraising this year is doing amazingly well. Just at the halfway point now, and already nearly $150,000USD has been raised. A big events like this, always add quite a lot to that! In fact, I checked the kiosk on the sim, and already a whopping $684,000L had been donated. And as you read this, no doubt that has increased.

So what can you find at the Home & Garden Expo? Well, it features a bunch of very talented and well-known content creators specializing in this field. Amongst the names are ARIA, Kismet, LISP Bazaar, The Loft, Dutchie, Kabuki Creations, Kittykats and so many more!

Today, at 1pmSLT, the Live Entertainment shall begin, with a performance by Mankind Tracer, and this shall be followed by a lot of live music, pretty much each day of the expo, untill it ends on May 22nd. So there is a lot going on for everyone to enjoy, so I highly recommend going to check it out if this is your thing, and help raise some money for the American Cancer Society whilst doing it. Always gives that awesome feeling.

For all the information you need on the SL Home & Garden Expo 2011, then you can visit the website via this link – http://slhomegardenpatioexpo.wordpress.com

Or take the direct SLurl to the event – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Home%20Expo%205/120/148/23


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