Well I know I have been advertising, and giving it a lot of hype, but it really is worth it! And now the Japan Relief Fundraiser is officially OPEN!

After a few sim issues at the beginning of this, delaying the actually public opening of the sim, it got underway, and at the present time, is packed with people buying awesome items to help out with the great cause of what this while event is for. To aid the efforts in Japan, after the Tsunami that struck on March 11th 2011.

Fashionistas in Second Life shall be more than happy, as there have been exclusive items created especially for this event from designers such as Tres Beau & Angel Dessous! Also, you will not be disappointed as some of the biggest names in Virtual Fashion are here for the next 2 weeks, including GIZZA, Bliss Couture, Essential Soul, Manifeste, Azul and loads more!

I highly recommend you come and check out this event if you have a few moments during the event between now and May 29th. All the information including the website of the JRF, and SLurl to the sim is below!

Website – http://www.japanrelieffundraiser.wordpress.com



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