A Peak at RoHaus Art Collection

This friday I have been battling with a bad cold. Knew I was catching something last night, was getting worse and worse. So anyway, didn’t do the radio today otherwise I would have sounded like a moody teenager, and I never try to let that side out! So, I log in, and Immediately get teleported over to a sim called Magna Carta, not having a clue what was at the other end.

Persia Bravin, who is one of my bestest of best friends and family in Second Life, and really heading into Real Life also now, was showing me the RoHaus Art Collection. I didn’t really know what this was at first, and then I had a look around once all was fully rezzed, and saw it is a building showcasing the artwork of some of the best Artists to ever enter the Second Life grid!

The names include AM Radio, who, not too long ago announced his departure from Second Life, and the closing of his sims, Chrome Underwood, PJ Trenton, Eliza Wierwight (who is one of my faves) and many more. The way I can describe what I saw once I had arrived, was a nice social gathering of some pretty well-known names in SL, especially in the art community. Saffia Widdershins was on the ground floor, with PJ Trenton, CeeJay Writer, Raven Haalen, Stephen Venkman and a few others.

I’ve mentioned this a few times before, that I have not long been really into the art creations here in Second Life. Alot of that down to the UWA 3D Art challenge where I vote each month, but the more I see it, the more I feel I love it! It really amazes me each time of what people can create in a virtual environment such as this! Truly Inspiring in every way possible. Well, to me anyway.

In the land description, it says the following. So if you are interested in a good arty evening, or look around, then this could be a great place on the grid for you to visit, if you have not yet had the chance.

”The private collection and office of art historian, writer, and critic Rowan Derryth.  Featuring a selection of works by AM Radio, PJ Trenton, Scottius Polke, Eliza Wierwight, Chrome Underwood, Ragamuffin Kips, Tricia Aferdita and more!”



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