MachinimaUWA III Grand Finale!

– Machinima UWA III Contest GRAND FINALE – Today, 6amSLT

Today is the Grand Finale of the MachinimaUWA event, and for anyone who cannot attend for whatever reason, you can catch the action LIVE over on Metaverse TV so you do miss what is going on at the event.

The ceremony is taking place in world in Second Life at the UWA-BOSL Amphitheater, and around 50 machinima entries were submitted to be viewed by judges including Chantal Harvey, the crew from Metaverse TV, Rhett Linden and many more. Not forgetting Real Life film director Peter Greenaway who is gracing us with his presence in Second Life once again.

I posted the machinima entries and information about this event last week, so if you scroll down the page you will be able to find all the relevant information, including all the machinima entries into the contest for you to watch for yourself.

Catch the event LIVE on Metaverse TV from 6amSLT! And if you miss it, the recording shall follow soon after!


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