Another event kicked off yesterday in Second Life. Second Pride festival 2011, is running its 5th annual event to support the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered Community (LGBT) in both worlds, as well as raising funds for the IGLHRC (International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission) charity at the same time.

The theme for this years event is ‘International’. And the aim of it all, is to show awareness to the issues around the world, within the LGBT. When arriving at the event, you land in a boardroom type greeting area, where you can gather information about the event, and also donate some Linden towards the cause. Outside, there are also buildings, one of the Statue of Liberty, another is a theater. So quite a lot going on.

Camming around I did noticed a club, with quite a few people there for this time of day which was good to see. So it seems the event is running nicely 24 hours a day, which is what you want. Also, money in the kiosks was pretty good too, especially as the event only kicked off yesterday! In one kiosk I saw about 33,000L raised, and in another outside the theater, it was way over 100,000L.

If you are one for supporting causes such as this, then I do recommend going to at least check it out, or even spread the word that this event is going on, for the people who may not know about it. Especially residents who are new to Second Life.

For more information on the Second Pride event and the charity, please see below links:


IGLHRC – http://www.iglhrc.org



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