I watched ‘Juroney’ – Top Prize winner at MachinimaUWA III

When this event was taking place earlier this week, I didn’t get time to see it, and had not seen any of the prize winners untill now. Well I lie, I did see a few, but this particular machinima was not one of them.

The top prize of the MachinimaUWA event, went to Eric Boccara for his machinima titled ‘Juroney’. I watched it for the first time the morning, accompanied with a cup of Earl Grey, and my breakfast cereal. All I can say is WOW OH WOW OH WOW OHMY WOWEE! I’ve seen quite a bit of Machinima since being in and around Second Life, and also being a big animated movie fanatic too, this was just simply awesome!

When reading some of the comments on the You Tube page where the video was posted, a lot of concern was shown that this machinima was not actually made entirely in Second Life. Eric, obviously defended himself and said that it was. And, I know that it is. Because some of the clothes that the avatars are wearing, are clothes that I have in my inventory too. The machinima is just that good of a capture, it looks totally out this world! The Second Life world that is 🙂

I highly recommend checking out this machinima, because it is well worthy of winning that top prize, and it is amazing! Eric did an awesome Job. And I hope to see more from Eric sometime soon, and I think many others shall be bookmarking and subscribing to his You Tube page after seeing this also, especially if you are a Machinima Fan!

Check out the other winners of the event here – http://uwainsl.blogspot.com/

Also visit Eric’s YouTube page! – http://www.youtube.com/user/TheWapower


One thought on “I watched ‘Juroney’ – Top Prize winner at MachinimaUWA III

  1. I must be ego-tripping because i keep googling my name and finding these awesome blog posts!

    Thanks for the kind words 🙂

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