2 Days later….RADAR is Over

2 days ago a Press Release was sent inworld by Ji Nirvana, Editor in Chief of Radar Magazine letting Second Life know that she is taking over the company after the ”unexpeted leave of CEO and publisher Labella Farella”.

Well…2 days later, and it turns out another Press Release was sent, and I saw it in my email with the headline ”Ji Nirvana Resigns” – So I log in, and check what this is all about. And lo and behold, she has left Radar Magazine now, and is going to start her own magazine in the ”coming months”.

In the Press Release written by Ji herself, she said this. “As a professional in the media industry in my first life, I felt it was time to begin working for myself to produce something that I can be proud of in Second Life, I am truly excited about what is in store for myself and my magazine and hope the Second Life will be too.”

Maybe it was the hundreds of unanswered notecards and messages from paying clients who lost their money and wanted it back that forced Ji to move on to something else? Well, obviously now, this must mean the end of the money grabbing magazine. Maybe it’s just best that way?



Hello After an emergency leave from second life I guess romours started to fly about Radar Magazine and about myself. There is a few things I would like to clear up as my time hear will not be for long. I did not mean to leave Radar in the state it was in the month of April. I work in real life as well as Second Life at the time and did not take time out to take care of myself properly. I was rushed to the hospital after a few test was diagnosed wth a few things and was told it was related to stress amongst other things and was reluclantly deprived of my computer at times because of my family being scared. that was in my personal life.  Radar Magazine didnt make enough money for me to ever put in my own pocket much to the surprise of everyone I put my own money into Radar at times I would never think to steal or even cash out something I never have done in Second Life. The Result of my staff and advertisors being left not knowing what was going on was my fault and I accept responsibility for it as I could not do anything about it. I am still not well and have made the neccessary arrangements that all advertisors are paid back . I wish all my former staff the best . I love you all I hope you can accept my applogy I will not be on SL anymore because of upcoming procedures wish you all the best .

Labella Farella


5 thoughts on “2 Days later….RADAR is Over

  1. I had a recent experience with Radar magazine that left me dumbstruck as to how poorly it was managed. I was asked to be in a shoot and interview, and said yes of course. From that moment on I was treated like dirt, lied to brazenly and then was made to feel as if I was wasting THEIR time. 4 times the shoots were all cancelled after I’d been waiting for hours, and I was batted from staff member to staff member all giving me different information, and at one point Ji herself went off at me for something one of the others had missed. It made me swear to never have anything to do with SL magazines again. I for one won’t miss Radar.

  2. Dear Readers,

    As for the rumours that UncleSlappy was involved in the stealing of peoples funs while being involved with the Radar company. Let me set a few things straight. Altho Slappy was a Co-CEO of radar his co’ness resided in the mall.

    After the collaspe of radar altho it was Bella who was collecting the rent for the mall and the magazine slappy in GOOD faith paid back the store renters from his own pocket. No one other than Labella saw any of the money which was invested into Radar.

    So by labeling Uncleslappy as a theif on Edi’s part was wrong. Yes Uncleslappy was a Co-CEO only by association, he never had anything to do with the meetings, the organisation of the magazine or the money that was collected.

    Yes i agree the actions of Labella were wrong. I will not defend those actions and yes im upset that people who invested lost money. It wasn’y just advertisers tho. Many of the staff at Radar including Slappy were ou of pocket from the actions of Labella.

    If you really feel the need to go head hunting, when it comes to Uncleslappy Wylie you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Kindest regards,

    Rattis Neutron

  3. Well i am in tears here about we all have threatened Radar Magazine CEO’s. And i feel it is time to post some facts.

    – i have never heared about money paid back for the mall rents.

    – i paid 16.000 for 8 issues (4 delivered) and
    8.000 k for 4 issues (1 delivered)

    – i asked all Radar Management what happened.

    – i asked them again after 2 weeks of silence

    – i asked them again and also for refunding the overpaid money.

    – still no answer, only one said there will be a mag out around 1st of may (wooohooo!) and another said he will send it to Labella, who wasnt online since ages.

    Dears, to be honest, it cares me a shit about the money. BUT it cares me how you treat your customers. So stop pushing people who are telling the truth. We all act for us alone and we have to take responsibility for what we do in either way. Take it as adults and stand to your acts. That would cause for me more acceptance than blaming others.

    And, btw. a little “i am sorry” would help also more instead of saving the last skins 😉

    For me that theme is over now and believe me, more than about the money i am sad about how some people act in here. If you are bored… PLEASE get yourself a nice movie to watch instead raising big magazines and cheat other people 😉

    Passion CEO & Owner
    Angel Dessous Marketing CEO

  4. I was once a writer / model at Radar and was fired because I was not getting paid for my work and complained about it and also treating so badly by the management especially Labella And Ti if was almost unreal. I knew it was a matter of time before they closed..good riddance.

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