Linden Lab Resolving Payment Issues

For some odd reason, I have a small group of friends that have some issues when it comes to paying Linden Lab, or withdrawing money from Second Life into a Real Life bank/PayPal account. Can be quite frustrating I can imagine. Well, it seems Linden Lab are taking steps to ”Quickly Resolve Billing Issues’.

Posted on the Second Life Community blog pages yesterday, FJ Linden said the follow listed below:

” PayPal is Now Available as an Option in the Local Payments Beta
Last week, we introduced PayPal as a payment option to choose from. So, if you’re in the beta, and would like to use PayPal, then just go to the billing management page and click “Add PayPal.” Once that’s done, you can then choose to associate PayPal with a recurring payment on that page. If you have an outstanding balance, then we will process the payment (within a day), your account will be back in good standing, and your PayPal account will continue to be billed on a monthly basis, as expected.

Customers Affected by Billing Issues Will be Automatically Migrated Back to Main Payments System on Monday
We have identified a small number of accounts that are nearing delinquency, or are delinquent, as a result of the known issues with the payments system beta. While we are working on the fix, we will switch those Residents back to the main payments system by 5pm PT on Monday, June 6. That should resolve your payment issues immediately, although you will lose the ability to pay in local currencies and other payment methods. The affected Residents will receive an email tomorrow and on Monday with more information.

Let’s just hope this quick solutions actually are….Solutions to the problems. For more information on this post if you have not seen it already or would like to read it on the Second Life Blogs, you can get it it via the following link –


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