A Peak at Fantasy Trees 2011

After doing the radio show yesterday, I was browsing through the Destination Guide seeing what is new in the Featured Events section. First of all, we have the MENstuff event, which I posted the Press Release for yesterday…but then a quite unusual event. Fantasy Trees 2011.

So I log in world this afternoon, head right back into the trusty Destination Guide, and Teleport right over to the Fantasy Trees event to see what it is all about. To be honest, the name of the event does give a huge clue into what to expect upon arrival. But for those who have not yet visited, let me tell you a little about what is there.

When you arrive, you are in a skybox. In fact, the who area is in the sky. There are 9 different sections of the sky platform full of…Fantasy Trees. Ranging from a ‘Rabbit TV Tree’ to Red, White & Blue Trees…and that’s all in one! All the trees that are there are for sale. Not expensive at all, but some great creativity showcased at the event!

I have never heard of the Fantasy Trees event before, so not sure if this is an annual event. I’m pretty sure it is not, but if so, it is a very quirky and unusual one…but in all the good ways! I do recommend going to check it out if you have 15 or 20mins free sometime during JUNE 1 and JUNE 30.

You can get to the Fantasy Trees event via this SLurl – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Anara/222/54/2001

And also you can find the event in the ‘FEATURED EVENTS’ section of the Destination Guide In World or on the Second Life Website.


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