PRESS RELEASE: Trees of Hope Hunt (JUNE 1 – 30)

Relay for Life of SL Event sponsored by the Spirit Chasers 1 Team

Trees of Hope Hunt
Hunt Dates: June 1 – June 30
Vendor & Hunters Group:  MelNaKa Events

The birth of the Spirit Chasers Team started with LadyKay Gable, a multiple cancer survivor herself. At the end of her first Relay for Life in SL she was asked to become captain of a team the next year and to pick a name for the new team. For her, with her Indian heritage and the wolves being her favorite wild animal, she explained to the other team members what the white wolf means in Indian lore. To cut the story short, the white wolf is known to chase away bad spirits, as Indians believe.

RFL is all about fundraising for research to find a cure for cancer. The team became the spirit chasers, chasing after the bad spirit of cancer, taking the white wolf as an example.

The Spirit Chasers Team started six years ago with members who had survived cancer, were fighting against this bad spirit or had family members struggling this disease. Some team members sadly lost their struggle with cancer. But the team does not give up their cause and is still chasing in honour of those who did not make it and in hope for a cancer free future. This is why we, the Spirit Chasers Team, Relay.

To contribute to the relay, we invite you to join us in the Trees of Hope Hunt. For this hunt we ask a donation of L$100 to participate as a vendor, which will go straight into the cancer fund. Each hunt gift can be obtained by the hunters by making a minimum donation of L$10.

We hope to see lots of you joining us for this cause.

The Spirit Chasers Team.


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