Linden Lab Give Advice on Passwords

A couple of days ago, Linden Lab posted some advice over on the Second Life community pages in relation to the passwords and usernames that were stolen and made public from the Sony PlayStation network just a week or so ago.

Basically, what the Lindens were advising was, to those who use the same password for Second Life as they do for another online network such as PlayStation, Xbox Live etc, to consider changing it. This is due to the higher risk of your personal information being stolen, if this happens again.

I think what Linden Lab have done here is awesome, and it is some pretty important information to take on board, because you never know what could happen, IF anything like this ever happened to you. Also on the blog post, they posted some ideal recommendations for a password if you are changing it. These are listed below –

Always Practice Good Password Hygiene
Here are some good rules of thumb to create a secure password.
    •    Never use a simple word
    •    Make it at least 8 characters in length
    •    Include two numbers
    •    Include two shift-key characters (i.e. %, *, #, +)

If you wish to see the full blog post which is in the Featured News section of the Second Life Community pages, you can follow this link –


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