This will be held on Saturday September 10th. This land rush will be open to all, without restriction. You may purchase as many plots as you like. The only condition is that we will not be adjusting plot locations to match with your possible existing plots. Think of it as a good way for an off site camp area or another playa presence location.
All plots left will be either 512 sqm or 1024 sqm sized plots.  14000L for 1024 plot .

After the completion of  Two Land Rushes, any remaining plots will be sold on a case by case basis by members of the DPW authorized to sell plots and certain members of the Core Team of burn2. Please ask for assistance through the BURNING MAN 2.0 group with these sales.

BURN2: Rights of Passage

Please note! Never pay anyone directly! All payments must go through the land terminal on the parcel. If you pay someone directly we will not be held liable for a refund of your land terminal fee ($4L). By participating in the Land Rush you agree to the rules and decisions made by the DPW in the execution of these rushes. You also agree to all Builder Guideline rules and policies and the Burning Man Ten Principles we follow.

Builders may have up to two assistants. The builder who owns the plot is responsible for their assistants’actions at all times, and insuring that all builders are knowledgeable of the Builder Guidelines, Policies of BURN2, Second Life Terms of Service and the Second Life Community Standards policy’s.   

Questions? Contact Kev Sweetwater or Diana Renoir in Second life.


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