BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011 is finally underway, and it did so with an amazing show featuring the designs of GIZZA CREATIONS on a set that quite frankly, is one of the best runways ever created in Second Life. And I think a lot of the attendees and viewers on Metaverse TV would agree with that! Bryn Oh certainly did an amazing job on the build to make this opening EXTRA SPECIAL!!

Giz Seorn & Auster Elan certainly pleased the fashionistas across this grid today as models from BLVD Agency wore some brand new creations, amongst some older releases. The Sim was closed off at around 45 people to help the performance of the sim, however those that could not attend were watching over on Metaverse TV Livestream. And even in the group chat there, people were amazed by the show.

BLVD Model - Nala Kurka

The models who walked in the opening show for BOSL FASHION WEEK were – Anna Sapphire, Kay Fairey, Didier Rascon, Leandra Breen, Liam Netizen, Maddox Kaestner, Melanie Sautereau, Nala Kurka, Rhonda Pennell, BlackBarbie Bravin & Zachary Zufreur. Attached to this article are just SOME of the photos I managed to take at the show. However I’m sure there are plenty more on Flickr and the other Social Networks from other residents.

BLVD Model - Kay Fairey

Overall, this was the PERFECT opening to this years BOSL FASHION WEEK! The next show shall be tomorrow (Monday, September 19th @ 4pmSLT) where a whole new breed of Virtual Superheroes shall be born! Excited already! I will be doing daily updates on Fashion Week here on the blog, so you won’t miss out on a thing if you cannot attend one of more of the shows!

Gizza Photoset –


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