Wearing *COCO*

I decided to do a little mix and match with some clothing from *COCO* to pass some time, and see what options there are from the store. *COCO* is an awesome place for both men and women to buy little accessories or for just parts of outfits that work well with others. As the majority, if not all of the items in the store are for women, its good to be a little daring and see what works for the male and play around. After all, there are a lot of males on the grid now wearing female, or parts of female outfits, which I think is great!

I was thinking about the French Movie ‘Coco Before Chanel‘ when doing this. Its a movie I watched a long time ago in world, and loved it, even though I’ve never been keen on movies with subtitles.


+ *COCO*_Skinny Tie * Shirt (White)

+ *COCO*_Ruffle Jacket (Black)

+ Hoorenbeek Tuxedo Shirt Cuffs w/cufflinks

+ Hoorembeek Black Pants

+ Hoorenbeek Mullingar Boots (Black)

+ MADesigns Dora Hair



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