Pic by Odetta Magic – Editorial Clarity-Flux & RicoRacer Flux-Clarity

”This is the only life for me
Surround myself around my own fantasy
You just gotta be strong and believe in yourself
Forget all the sadness ’cause love is all you need
Love is all you need

I never used to be open about my sexuality, and to be honest, Second Life is really the only place I am. I do not tell very many people in RL about me being gay. The way I ”came out” to my parents was really way earlier than I wanted to, and was not in a way I wanted to. I’ll tell you, I was staying with a friend and his dad, which turned out to be hell. One day, the dad logged into my email and pretended to be me, coming out of the closet in an email to my dad, without telling me. I found out by a response from my dad. Was the response bad? No. But still, It changed me. I’ve had a horrible childhood and early teen years, Second Life is the only place I can find peace, or I at least hope I can.

RicoRacer Flux came into my life, and you know, I hate to be sappy, but he has changed me. A few months after we started dating, I knew some people were going to know about me more, and know that I was gay, which for some people may not bother them but to me it was a big deal. Eventually, I asked if I could partner Rico, and he said yes. I am NOT ashamed of being gay or being married. I am the happiest now I have been for a long time. Second Life has its faults, but at the end of the day, deep down, it still makes us all happy no matter how annoyed we get. I found love, like many others have found.

At the moment, Im having a crappy time with someone, who I was friends with, going around telling people I seduced him and I fell in love with him. Let me just say one thing. All I ever did was be nice. And this message is written directly to you. I was told I was the only person that you could talk to, the only person you could open up to. I never once asked for that, you just did it, which was fine. I loved you as my friend, which was a big improvement from the beginning because I really didn’t like you at all. I don’t know why you are doing this, but I would NEVER EVER cheat on my husband. NEVER! All those secrets you told me about your life, have still never left my mouth, not even to Rico whom I tell everything too. So for you, to think its fine to go around and talk crap to other people to try to create problems I think is very low. You were a very good friend to me, you kept me company, and I wanted to be there for you. And the weird thing is, the people you are spouting this out to, are coming right back to us..so who looks the idiot? I dont hate you, I never will hate you, I’d just like you to stop and you move on with your life. Our friendship ended a while back, so let’s just be happy. I AM WITH RICORACER FLUX-CLARITY and HE IS THE WORLD TO ME!

To all those who have found love in Second Life or Real Life already, now I know what it feels like to be loved and to love someone. It’s the best feeling in the world. Sorry for the vent and dramatic post, but you know sometimes you need to get things off your chest, and here in a blog is a good place to do it.

Now I’m done 🙂


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