Showstudio, Second Life Fashion Film inspired by Raging Bull and Gareth Pugh commissioned for Miss Virtual World 2012 live on MetaverseTV featuring –

AnnaG Pfeffer
Annough Lykin
Caoimhe Lionheart
Carley Benazzi
DiamondGem Destiny
Draakje Dailey
Fabala Fairey
Giuls Scarpulla
Laetita Vella
Lauren Mureaux
Mariella Spitteler
Michela Benazzi
Nala Kurka
Paulina Lefevre
Rissa Friller
Saleena Hax
Shena Nox
Sylphia Constantine
Tyako Cage
Vivienne Darcy

Blossoms Sweetwater
Frollic Mills
Hadaluna Daines
Persia Bravin
Serene Faith

Many Thanks for the above models help !

NOTE – IF YOU CANNOT VIEW THIS VIDEO, USE THIS LINK – http://vimeo.com/32062352


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