<3 To My Grandma <3

Here on my blog, I do not always choose to write about Second Life. Those that know me, know I do not mind sharing certain parts of my real life so here I go again…writing down my thoughts on a very recent event in my life. The passing of my Great-Grandma Marion.

I’m very close with ALL of my grandparents and always have been. My Grandma Marion was super super special in every way. She had the most amazing perfume on at all times and always presented herself like a movie star no matter how old she was or how sick she was. I used to do stage performances for her every time I saw her in the living room from the age of 3 and she loved it. She always said I would be on stage real life one day…and I do hope that, it’s just a tragic shame she will not live to see that moment.

Im going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment as far as my grandparents are concerned. I have one who recently suffered a major stroke, not doing very well at all and stuck in hospital. And now I have Grandma Marion who departed us on Saturday night. I never like to look on the negatives in any life. She is much better off where she is now than where she was. Stuck in a care home, unhappy, lonely and just somewhere she did not want to be. Atleast now she is at rest and can watch over us all as we progress through life. One Thing we are all happy about is the fact she got to see my new born little cousin – Evie Mae – just last week.

❤ Grandma I love you, I miss you and this one is for you, because I know you loved this song<3


3 thoughts on “<3 To My Grandma <3

  1. What a lovely tribute to your grandma. Sounds like you were blessed to have each other and I’m sure she’ll forever be watching over you. She does look like a lot of fun and I bet she had a naughty streak. 🙂 Bless your grandma.

  2. Oh Edisito…

    I am so sorry babe. I still remeber when I lost my first gandma, it was indeed a great loss for me. She reminds me of yours… always so elegant and proper, but we learn Edi … It’s the circle of life, and it’s unstoppable.

    Keep in your mind the beautiful memories and not the day she left, and she will always live.

    Please find confort in all your friends and family that love you.

    I will always be around.


  3. Dear Edi,

    Im trurly sorry for your loss, and wish you and your family the very best in your time of need. This is one of many step in what we call lifes challeges we must face, view it this way she has left this world only to enter your’s and everyone elses hearts who she loved and his home with her maker and at peace. You never lose family and there are never good bye just until we meet agains.

    God Speed

    UncleSlappy aka Scott

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