Oh Well…

Well, turns out I didn’t leave. So much for that. I’m human, and things just get on top of you sometimes, and there is more to Second Life than what was running through my mind, therefore im going nowhere.

So what’s going on at the moment? Just celebrated another Christmas and New Year, and I have high hopes for 2012 in both lives. As far as the Fashion Teller goes, we are currently working on the next book to be released within the next month, ‘Murder, My Sweet’ which shall be a film noir style fashion story book featuring some of the best models and designers on the grid. Right after that we shall be heading into our next project, ‘Femme Fatale’. Certainly two things to watch out for!

My goal this year is to have more fun than ever, and to be happy. The problem with me is that I hate confrontation. Have never liked it. Sometimes the drama in Second Life just gets too much for me, so going to try and not focus on that as much anymore. Although it seems tricky as we start the new year with a little ‘Alura’ going around the grid.

Aswell as doing what I’m already doing, there might be a possibility of me going back to something I started out doing. Not going to say more than that because there are no definite plans. Just ideas for the New Year. Hope you all had a great Holiday Season and I wish you all the best for the coming year!



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