Carley Benazzi by Ozz Larsson

 I am so very happy to get back to doing something I find fun, enjoyable and interesting in my Second Life, and that is getting to know those people I believe have made an impact for whatever reason. I decided I wanted to start and sit down with residents whom at some point caught my attention. Whether it be for modelling, designing, building, photography, writing, scripting and so on, I feel we all love to get to know people better. 

I wanted to kick off my series of interviews of which I’ll be posting around 3 or 4 a month, with a lady who really stunned me during the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2012 pageant. Carley Benazzi was someone who I’d never really seen before until the beginning of the contest, and for me she just was WOW. There was something very special about this woman, and in my personal opinion she has one of the most unique avatars in the SL modelling industry today. She also achieved the title as MISS PHOTOGENIC in the MVW contest. It is a great pleasure to be able to feature Carley as my first Interviewee here on my blog, and I hope you all will get to know this person better just like I did.


So tell me about when and how you got started in Second Life?

Looks at the rezz day and sighs. Okay so I am sort of not so new to SL. I remember being bored and searching online for something new and somehow ending up at the Second Life website and said “why not”. That is how I started this great adventure.

I’m always fascinated by what residents did in the first few weeks/months after they joined Second Life, so can you tell me a little about that time for you?

My first day actually some man befriended me and took me to get an AO and show me a few places. I also noticed how he paid attention to the unique and beautiful female avi’s and decided then and there to find my own look. That I think was the beginning of my skin addiction in SL. I found also a love of exploring here, as there are so many creative artists that don’t have the boundaries we have in RL. Even to this day I still enjoy alone time just wandering to new places.

What made you want to jump into the modelling side of Second Life? Is it something that interests you in Real Life also?

I love fashion in RL and wish I were tall enough to be a model , but alas I am not so I can model in Second life and experiment with my creative side and desire to bring RL fashion trends into SL by recreating looks in my own unique way. And I got my real jump into modeling from Maddox DuPont  and need to thank him for giving me a chance when I was still trying to get my feet wet in modeling. I cannot express how grateful I am to  everyone that has helped me become a model in Second Life.

Now you finished 4th finalist in the biggest modelling contest on the grid this year, Miss Virtual World 2012. How was that experience for you as a whole and what would you consider your highlight?

The experience was both nervewracking and exhilirating. I went in with a plan to do my very best at every challenge and be prepared in plenty of time so that the photographers would not be rushed to help me. I think the highlight of my MVW experience were the frienships I found. I know everyone says that but truly I met a few great friends with whom I talk to on a regular basis(and shop with ) YesI have a bad shopping addiction 🙂 And  the moment I was named Miss Photogenic was a nice and very unexpected surprise as well.

Is there anything you felt you have learnt during, or since the Miss Virtual World contest that you feel is valuable to keep in your Second Life?

I think I became more aware of how my actions affect others. Especially in regards to time and making sure I gave the utmost respect to those that took their precious time to help me in my endeavor.

✦ Now that the contest is over, if you got the chance to rewind the clock is there anything you would do differently or change?

I would not change anything I did or anything that happened. I believe that things happen for a reason. I have grown from this experience and seen the good and bad sides of Second Life and people under stressful situations.

✦ So tell us what is next for Carley Benazzi. What are you doing with your SL at the moment. Any shows or projects you are involved in coming up?

I have been fortunate to have wonderful new friends that are helping me continue to work in SL . I recently was in a sYs show and also Je suis. And thanks to you Edi; Vixie and Matteo I have found a new place with new friends to grow as  a model in Second Life and learn more of the behind the scenes workings of fashion shows. I am determined to keep myself up to date with SL fashion and continue to learn and grow as a model.But to also  keep my promise to myself I made when I began SL. I promised myself to always be true to myself and others and to just be “me” And above all else to have fun in Second life.
Thank you Edi for asking me to do this, I am honored and humbled and hope I have not bored everyone to death.


I just want to say thank you Carley for taking the time to do this. I wish you all the best with your future and I think you rock! I’m sure everyone who has read this feels they know you a little better now and can really see what an awesome, true person you are!



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