Now my interview series on my blog has officially kicked off, it was time to do my second. Over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a new SL Male model on the scene, Sn0w Tigerpaw. This all started due to my SL sister Persia Bravin, who introduced me to Snow when I was doing the radio show one day. Ever since then, we have become really good friends and he is now ‘one of the family’ I guess we could say. He was a finalist in the Finesmith Muse 2012 contestand also models for Modavia, Passion the Fashion Agency and more. He also is a blogger for himself, and BOSL.

Sn0w took time out to answer a few questions I forwarded over to him, so you all get to know the man behind the avatar a little better. I wanted to ask him about his unique sense of style mainly, along with some other things such as…why does he always wear womans heels? hehe…Find out below as I interview – SNOW TIGERPAW


Sn0w tell me a bit about yourself, and how did you get started in Second Life?

I am simply a quiet guy from Germany, with a taste for books, art, music and pretty women. In my real life and in my SL too, I like to meet creative and positive people with a good sense of humour. People who are able to laugh and smile even in hard times and people who don’t take themselves too seriously-these are the people I identify with. I joined SL because of a TV series I saw once and I have found it an interesting place from the start.

✦ Now from my own personal experience, and I’m sure others will agree, you just came out of nowhere. What inspired you to get into modelling in Second Life?

Most of the time I have been in SL, I was part of the roleplaying community where people have to style themselves to fit the theme or background story of the sim, to create their own unique identity. Roleplay is a lot like being an actor. People in RP communities are really interested in fashion and I, like many others, wanted to stay updated with SL fashion which is how I began to follow the SL blogs and flickr. This inspired me, and as friends started to ask me about my outfits or appearance, I created my own blog and flickr account to share my stylings. This then led to modelling too, and I will say, I find modelling in SL a great way of expressing my creativity.

✦ For the many that know you, you have a very unique image. Is this a side of you that nobody in your real life sees and you feel you can release it on your Avatar, or is it a look inspired by something else?

Who said I don’t look like this in real life??? Well, I am very tall in real life and I also model in my spare time, so I have a natural interest in fashion. I get inspired by fashion (designers and their creations) in both lives but also creativity comes from hearing a song, a book a movie or a nice place I happen to visit. My inspiration comes from many things in both lives which reflects in my appearance and the outfits I wear.

✦ I have to ask one question…why do you choose heels over mens shoes hehe?

Like I said, I’m tall in my real life and in SL female models are tall too, so by wearing heels I’m still taller. Actually the real reason for me wearing heels is that I enjoy the challenge of mixing up male and female outfits and accessories, being a bit androgynous yet still definitely masculine.  I don’t wear women’s heels in real life by the way!

✦ Since you have been modelling in SL, do you find yourself more interested in the REAL WORLD fashion scene, or were you already into it before you modelled inworld?

I have always been interested in fashion in my real life and in my SL too. Fashion is a form of art to me, and I love discovering more about it.

✦ Now we have just entered a brand new year. What is the outlook of 2012 for Sn0w Tigerpaw? Do you have any interesting projects you are part of…or any plans to join a ”specific” contest *winks*?

I don’t plan ahead too much; I like spontaneity and spontaneous people. But of course I will join some contests, I don’t know which ones yet, I guess I will wait to see what the fashion business has planned this year and I look forward to any chance of being more creative, to showcase new designs and mix them with others. I’m part of The Fashion Teller project which I think is really interesting and I just hope I get the chance to be part of more creative projects over the coming year.


It was a pleasure to do this with you Snow, and I wish you all the best with your future in the Second Life Modelling industry and what other endeavours you may have in the coming year.




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