Amutey DeCuir, one of the most successful designers on the grid today. Her brand, Bliss Couture, has been creating some of the best in Female fashion for 4 years and now…has moved Into the Male population. I had a chance to talk to Amutey about her new male items along with some details on a brand new collection she is releasing at the moment. I also took time to find out what it is like as a designer during Miss Virtual World, and how she felt to design the formal outfit for Anna Sapphire (MVW 2012).

Hope you enjoy the interview and learn a little more about the person behind one of the most popular brands in Second Life.


✦ Now you have been an active designer here in Second Life for quite some years, why did it take you until now to begin a male line, and di you have any demand for it before you started from males on the grid?

I guess the demand is always there, however for Bliss Couture I’ve been focusing for the past years on growing my female collections, today Bliss has already gained a recognition and stability in both our Female Casual and Formal fashion as well as hair, hats and the latest fur line. This year, Bliss is coming to its’ 4th year in Secondlife, it’s the time for the brand to venture out towards the male populations.

✦ Let’s move on to your recent releases at Bliss. If anyone is an avid follower of your Flickr they will know just lately you have been posting some amazing designs such as some of your Chinese New Year Collection. Can you tell us a little about this new line and what to expect?

I am an Asian, celebrating Chinese New Year is my tradition. Hence, I wanted to bring it into Secondlife, the oriental merges western elements sparkles creativity, it’s a challenge for me as well as hoping to create something unique virtually. There will be more to come, each releases creates a suspension to look forward to the next.

✦ One other thing you were busy with towards the end of last year was of course your designs for Miss Virtual World 2012. Including the formal gown for winner Anna Sapphire. Tell me a little about that experience as a designing making those outfits.

Again it’s a challenge for me, in terms of time and creativity, Stretching my thinking cap to maximum. I have always been a fan of MWV since the beginning, this year is my 4th year taking part as a designer,  being part of it till to-date is definitely a recognition to Bliss Couture. I thank all candidates of MVW their support rendered towards Bliss and myself, on behalf of the entire Bliss Couture management team, I thank them and the organiser of MVW wholeheartedly.

✦ When Anna was selected the winner how did you personally feel having created a gown for her?

I’ve always admire of Anna, her styling is always impeccable as well as her personality. it’s my pleasure that she came to Bliss Couture as her designing brand. I was at the pageant when she was announced the winner, I cheered uncontrollably in both rl and sl upon hearing it. Sincerely, I am.

✦ Okay Amutey, this is your time to get us excited about Bliss Couture. Do you have any shows coming up? Any other items we can look forward to? Will you be continuing to release awesome Male items in the near future?

The next big thing for Bliss virtual wide, an annual event – Miss Bliss 2012, will be open for enrolment soon. Also there will be plenty of exciting plan laid out for my customers. To expand and brand the male collections, Bliss homme, to offer everything a fashionable man needs.  In addition, Bliss will explore opening a Mesh section once the deformer is stable, that will be my ultimate breakthrough in secondlife.


I want to thank Amutey for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer these questions, and it was great to get to know you a bit more. And also, congratulations on the success of your Male collection so far. I’m pretty sure it will just keep getting better and better!





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