InWorld Inc burst on the scene just under a year ago, and has since gained a great popularity with the residents of Second Life. Maya Sharphire, the woman behind it all, told me how it all started for her and how she was feeling jumping into something so huge.

I also got to talk to Maya about the future of InWorld Inc aswell as ask about her successful show productions happening under the InWorld name over the last few months. Hope you enjoy the interview, and It was a pleasure to sit down with Maya and get to know her better!


✦ First of all, can you take us back to the beginning of InWorld Inc?
All start with the magz it self im trying to find an easy and good name to be remembered easily.
How and when did it all start?

I started bussines in fashion in 2009 with POSH Model Academy, then in May 2011 I began to create InWorld Lifestyle Magz which also led me to open the Show Production with InWorld Inc and change the name of my Model institute to InWorld Model Institute in Jan 2012. We have done more than 10 Big Show since July 2011. We create at least 1 Big Event each month to keep us active 🙂

✦ One thing I personally love about InWorld Inc and the magazine in particular, is the constant clean and fresh image it gives through its graphic design. Is your image something you planned how you wanted it to look or did it just develop into what it is along the way?

This is our philosophy
We Are Fresh, Young, Creative, Style Savvy, Idealist and Cutting Edge
And my Vision Is I want to have all residents in SL to be in the magazine for how special they are, so not only fashion…

✦ Now InWorld Inc consists of a Model Institute, Magazine, Fashion Show Productions. Who all are the team behind all these ventures?

Omg they are my lovely family…you know I will tell you this honestly, I’m doing the magz because I saw many Indonesian Residents in SL are doing nothing and they don’t know what to do, but they are great and creative people!! So I thought why not create something that can gather them together In a project that can make them creative in here too.. lol so then my magz started with all journalists I gathered from my Second Life Indonesia Community…since im the founder of that community so I always observe them. We grew up using just Indonesian journalists until now, where we have staff from all over the world.
Im so proud of them 🙂
and this is list of who always work hard behind InWorld Inc.
-Sheldon Kranfel-InWorld Inc.CEO
-Dasia Mocha-InWorld Inc. COO
-Hallie Haynes-InWorld Model Institute CEO
-Liam Netizen-Executive Director
-AntoniaXp-Executive Director

✦ Just recently you produced the ‘City of Angel’ show and you have done other shows before this too. What made you want to go into Fashion Show Productions, and how are you finding it?

City Of Angel is our introduction show for our Elite Models and its was a big success 😀
Because I love Fashion lol and its a never ending story. If your creative you will create something and want the world to appreciate it and again im very idealist. I want to show the world that Indonesia is good enough to be known  XD im proud being Indonesian and here in sl I want to show a little bit of our talent.

✦ Take us back to the first ever InWorld Magazine, and the first ever InWorld fashion show production. How did you feel those few days before it all happened? Were you worried about what the public would thing of you?

Yes! I was so worried..especially my first edition..I don’t have any experience in editorial things…im producing fashion show in RL and im a make up artist. I also work as an Event Organizer and I found out a difference between..but a Magazine..is a new experience for me. It’s fun but a lot of stress always for deadlines 🙂

✦ I’m always interested in what the future holds for people in Second Life. And I’m sure the readers are too. So, what does InWorld have in store for the residents and its supporters in the coming months? Any upcoming shows you can tease us about, any gossip you can tell us about the upcoming issue of the magazine?

Our Magz will see a new face…ASAP
and for shows…ummm heheheh 5 show upcoming in february
one is Moulin Rouge & Fantasy Kids Show
and ….also InWorld Face 2012 start soon!!!
We will see who the first InWorld Face will be…YAY!!


Thank you to Maya for taking time out and answering these questions for me here. I wish you all the success with InWorld Inc in the future!






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