One of the most stylish of Second Life Residents took time to sit down with me and discuss what is going on in her Second Life at the moment as both a hot designer, and model! Applonia Criss is the creative mind behind SL fashion brand CHANTKARE alongside her partner Long Pausch, who create high quality items for both the male and female markets and has gained a lot of success since its launch.

I wanted to find out how Applonia got started in Second Life and what is happening with her at present. You will find out there is more to Applonia than just being a designer. She has an awesome style, and I’m a fan of her work. Hopefully after reading this, you will get to know her better also, and she will gain more fans than the tons she already has!


✦ Let’s go back to the beginning Applo. You came into Second Life at the end of 2007. What brought you here originally?

Hi Edi  darling and Thanks so much for the Interview> I 1st arrived on the scene by an Invite of some friends from my University just to have a look and explore my creative side. Once here I was scared to bits(lol) Did all the stuff most Noobs do and then I wanted MORE More MORE! (lol)

✦ How long did it take you for you start your designing career in SL, and did you explore the fashion scene inworld at the time?

Oh yes!! I was the most high fashion Dancer /Stripper I knew at the time (rofl) Seriously it took me a while to gain the confidence to create content. I’d say it was at least one year and some friends and I got together and we taught each Other.  I Explored and darling I SHOPPED the sl fashion scene after my 1st Paper Couture dress i was Hooked(lol) I bought every piece in the shop! LOL

✦ Now you are obviously in touch with the latest fashion in both worlds, where do you say you get your inspirations from? Some of your items personally remind me of the work of John Galliano. Do you admire certain real life designers and try to incorporate certain areas of their designs into yours, and if so, who are your faves?

*cries  I MISS JOHN GALLIANO ..but alas I miss so Many Great rl designers both alive and dead. I reside in New York City so the energy and pulse is so intoxicating. As a Creator and artist im constantly inspired by the people and the energy of my City. I would have to say So many Designers I Really Love from Galliano, Mcqueen ,Mizrahi.Etro, Chado Ralph Rucci  to Top shop. My style is based on my personality in both worlds  to make clothing look effortless as possible and Chic for every person.

✦ Now aside from designing here in Second Life, you model and recently got accepted as a Modavia model in their latest casting. How did you feel about that, and what is your favorite part of modelling in SL?

OMG! I WAS SO NERVOUS ! LOL  I totally was so Honored to take part in such an Awesome casting with so many of my Friends.  I nearly died when I got accepted I still pinch myself some times to make sure im not dreaming  :))  The fave part is working with so many different people and pushing myself to explore different Looks.

✦ I am a big follower of your Flickr page. I think your photos are awesome. For those that do not follow it yet, can you explain what you show on your Flickr. Do you showcase just work of your own, or of other designers? And if so, which ones do you often love to wear and show off?

Thank soo much Edi Muahh ♥ I started out by just playing with my Photoshop and taking pics of clothes I wear.  I’ve never been limited to Just MY BRAND I Love soo many Creators items I wish I could Photograph them all So many of them ae dear Friends and I like to mix them Up.  I have my faves ( i wont say LOL)   😛

✦ I’m interested to see what you think of Mesh so far. I know you have worn mesh in your flickr photos, and seem to like it. However, as a designer, have you tried with it yet and released some Mesh items at Chantkare? What do you think of how mesh has gone down with the residents so far and do you think it needs some improvements?

I like Mesh I have seen some really fantastic Items made from it. I  Have released one Item In mesh to test the waters . I understand it’s the way of the Sl Future  which is Cool. But I’m not Computer Tech savvy so I do Not make Mesh . It kinda bothers me that we are sorta forced to do mesh in order to somewhat stay relevant. Many creators I know do not make Mesh sculpts and several have Contracted others to make Mesh sculpts for them.  That’s Cool. But for me its a wait and see thing to see how it goes..I still hear people complain they can’t see Mesh Or they Crash a lot with some of the Current viewers which is sad.  I Know many who have either gone and bought New Computers Or New Graphic Cards just to see Mesh. And in my opinion in this Global economy  who can afford that.  So again I shall wait and See 🙂

✦ The future is always great to talk about. So we will end with a chance for you to tell us what is happening in the near future for you and your brand. Any exciting new items about to be released, or any shows coming up?

Well darling I will say some NEW things are always coming to Chantkare  but the Newest will be a NEW SHOP. Im rebuilding the one I have and adding some New Fresh Ideas  Stay Tuned Darling  Muahh ♥ ♥






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