An Awesome follow up to The Madison House!

House prefabs are not something I usually advertise or write about on my blog, however a couple of months ago one of my Second Life friends, Mike Denneny, was showing me a house he had worked on for a while which he was ready to release. And in my personal opinion it was AWESOME. And he knows I loved it. I think one issue with some customers though was the prim count, which leads to why im posting about a new house today 🙂

Mike has created a follow up to the great Madison home, which is a smaller and more prim efficient version, yet still contains the great modern style as the main Madison itself. I told him I would blog this for some of my blog readers to see, and just to get the word out more. So here it is! THE MAXIMUS house by ARIA on sale now! Details below.

[ARIA] The Maximus Modern Home

*To receive 500L$ per [Buyer] referral of the [Furnished] version.  Have the buyer message Mike Denneny your name after the purchase including transaction history!

L$7,500  Furnished
L$3,500 Unfurnished

[Minimum land size required]:
(4096 sqm) *Without Prim Bonus
(2046 sqm) *With Prim Bonus

[Foot print]:

30m x 40m

[Prim Count]:
*Furnished: 482 prims
*Unfurnished: 121 prims (including trees ,plants Pool)

Copy| Modify| NO transfer

[Rez-Faux 2.2]

 *Easy positioning with the Rez-Faux Rezzing system.
    -Simply move the house to desired location and press save.  Initialize the home control panel after everything is loaded and the rezzer is removed.

* (Home Control System) that features rich options such as
    -Texture change
    -Advanced security
    -Interactive lights witches
    -Easy addition of extra textures by drag and dropping
    -HD Textures





For assistance, suggestions, questions or requests please contact Mike Denneny.


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