Become the next Face of Face Paint! Its the Face Paint Styling Challenge

Each Week for the next 5 weeks, we will be accepting Entries into the contest! 2/12/2012 – 3/ 17/2012

To be eligible to win each week you must take three photos wearing current Face Paint makeups, styled your way. Free gifts are not eligible. Put these onto a note card along with a paragraph stating why you should be the next Face of Face Paint. Title the note card “Face of Face Paint: First name, Last Name”, and drop it into Eve’s makeup box at the store!
Every week, the 3 winners will be invited to join the Model group and be allowed to model in the store for a small hourly pay. The winning images will be shown in the store and added to the Face Paint Blog at http://facepaintinsecondlife.wordpress.com/

You can enter each week, but you must be wearing new makeups.
At the end of the contest, we will choose 3 winners from the 5 week period to become members of our Face Paint Family. The judges will choose the winners based on the following:

Styling ability
Commitment to Face Paint
Dedication to their craft
Professional appearance and attitude.

Winners receive:
1500L In cash
Ten Sets of Current Face Paint Makeup
A discount of 50% on all purchased Makeup while employed at Face Paint
A blog article regarding their modeling experience.
A custom makeup line named after them and photographed on them, used on the vendor and in advertising.
A stunning Set of Jewelry from Artistry by ~E~
A Beautiful Gown from Snowpaws
A fantastic furniture set from Creations
Two Professional photographs, taken  by Zachary Zufreur, in the makeup designed for you. This will be an awesome addition to your portfolio.


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