Kindness Is Always Nice To Come Across

This is a random post, but it’s about something I saw today inworld which I find it way too rare. An Agency was due to have a production for a brand, however the Linden Gods struck and forced them to cancel the show as the sim was not up and running in time. *KICKS SL*

Usually, when I see this happen, the cancellation is final. However today, I saw an act of kindness and support from another agency which I find is way too rare in Second Life. They offered them to do the show using their agency facilities and sim, which I think is great!

Sometimes Second Life can be a sad place as far as drama and rivalry goes, but this is a shining example that its not always fierce competition in this Virtual World. Which made me smile, and thought I’d share my feelings whilst its fresh in my mind.



One thought on “Kindness Is Always Nice To Come Across

  1. I think the drama is more out there in faces. But I also think random acts of kindness happened and are just not talked about. Example: Essence of Ebony was putting on the first show and the lag was so bad due to 2 clubs going on the sim a few days prior. Someone donated land for that particular show, and then OT Rentals stepped up to the plate and donated a sim for the entire rest of the event which was 6 weeks. There are good people out there and we need to see more talked about the good.

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