I find there a few people in this virtual world that we can make friends with at some point, yet stay in contact for a very very long time rather than them being on your friends list and not hearing a peep. Leandra Breen is one of those people for me. I first met Leandra around 2 years ago and during that time she has grown and grown. She represented Germany in Miss Virtual World 2011, Passion the Fashion Agency launched and has gained much success with some amazing plans for the near future, which we will be getting into during this Interview. There is so much to this woman and she has a heart of gold. I wanted to take this opportunity to get down and know Leandra more and also talk about a HUGE upcoming event she is organizing that will please all fashionistas on the grid.


✦ First off Leandra, I thought we could start with an introduction. Can you tell us about yourself? What all do you do in Second Life because I know you’re a very busy woman 😛

* First, I like to thank you for the honor of this interview. I admire you and your work in SL for a long time.
Well what do i do? I would say a lot and sometimes too much…lol. I am a Manager for Angel Dessous and organize marketing stuff, Shows, Store models and such for Nando and Gina. Beside this, I have my beloved Passion Agency and Academy and for a few weeks now, I am working with a fantastic team for our new Magazine “TREND”, which the first issue will debut in a few days.

✦ Now Passion The Fashion Agency, From what I know and have seen, it has been doing quite well. Tell us how the idea came about and why you wanted to start a Fashion Agency & Academy.  Who are your team?
* The idea came during 2011’s Miss Virtual World Contest and Styling Forward. I saw such a lot of great stylings, wonderful venues, awesome stages that my brain nearly exploded with ideas. I had the fortune to use the Angel Dessous sims for my plans, made a business plan and started the Agency. I am happy enough to have a wonderful team in Passion with people like Florentine Rau, Falbala Fairey, Caoimhe Lionheart, Draakje Dailey, Clayde Saunders and many more.

Also, it was always a big wish to help and promote upcoming models. My idea of the Academy was to invite great newcomers into the classes and share knowledge with them. The classes are free of costs, but only on invite. I personally look for attitude, personality and styling skills. That’s for me the basics of all success. Posing and runway work can be trained, but never a good character.
Falbala Fairey leads the Passion Academy, a very experienced Model and friend. All the teachers are first rate models in SL and also friends. We start Class IV in some days.

✦ I want you to cast your mind back to the first ever show you produced at Passion. Who was it for? And how did you manage it? Were you stressed, nervous, excited?
* The first Passion show was Fantasy Boudoir, a show for lingerie and underwear styled in a fantasy way. The models were told “freestyle and blow us away”, and they did! I was nervous of course. I am a perfectionist and want always the best quality in all i do, so i was afraid i forgot something and such. Ask Nando, he was very patient with me in the last days before the show…lol. But it all worked so good and we had a great success… Passion was born.

And btw… Didnt i had that awesome voice host Editorial Clarity? xoxoxx

✦ Recently you had a very successful Winter Fashion Week alongside Elegancia Agency, and now you have just announced you are doing a Summer Fashion Week with Allure. What can we expect from this event? When will it take place, and why should we get excited about it?
* The Winter Fashion Week was so awesome. Do you know the feeling when you work day and night but you get a lot back from the models who loved walking in the shows, visitors who were enthusiastic and staff you can trust in? It was just great 🙂

Soon as the WFW 2011 was over (and i slept about 5 days), i was thinking about the same event for the summer collections in SL, the Summer Fashion Week 2012. Some weeks ago i talked with Nala and Annough from Allure and we got it started. It will take place 6th to 10th of June with single Designer shows, an opening and closing show, music, a Summer Market for attending designers and a lot of summer sunny beach sunset feeling.

✦ Currently on the grid and especially in the Fashion World, Mesh is growing increasingly more popular. What is your view on Mesh Fashions and will we be seeing plenty of it in the upcoming Summer Fashion Week?
* Oh i love mesh and i am sure we will see a lot of mesh dresses and accessories in the Summer Fashion Week. It is the upcoming trend 2012. The several mesh viewers are working better and also the mesh designing software is getting more detailed and updated. Mesh dresses look way much more like RL in movement and naturalness.
✦ So Asides from Fashion Week, what other events or shows do Passion have lined up in the near future that we can all look forward to seeing?
We are in the middle of the organizing a wonderful Musical Fashion Show in March. 4 Musicals, 4 Sets and 20 amazing styled models on stage. Also in march, We have a Gothic Fashion Show for a very talented Lady with her new brand. In April, we have another show with one of SL’s most fabulous brands and then we are in the middle of Summer Fashion Week preparations.

And because i had some minutes free, we started our Magazine TREND, which will come with the first issue in only a few days.

✦ One final question now Lea and I cannot resist asking because I’ve always wondered and never asked you over the years we have been friends. Will Nando EVER make some male clothes at Angel Dessous? If there is one person who can try to persuade him, it has to be you 😛

* Oh dear, whenever i want to tell him “we need male clothes too”, i need to be at least 20 meters away from him and prepared to run…. lol. No i am kidding 😉
Nando works for his Angel Dessous beside his RL work and he simply has not the time to do a male collection too. But i promise to poke him again and again and maybe some day…. :-)))






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