Reflections on a GREAT Show!

OGlam Presents LeeZu Dreamworld - April 1 at 3pm SLT

Reflections on a GREAT Show!



So last night, OGLAM kicked off its Spring Celebration week after the move to THE GROVE COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES with a show for mega designer LeeZu. And what an amazing show it was!

I was fortunate enough to be the host for this show alongside Cindy Gedenspire and I can clearly say it is the best and most fun show I’ve ever had the privilege of hosting. The set was a stunning build by Tyler Ethaniel, the vibe from the audience was fantastic throughout the whole show, the designs by LeeZu Baxter were as perfect as ever. It was just an all round great show!

The show was originally supposed to take place the day before, but Second Life sucks sometimes, and there were issues with the set at the last-minute so we had to push it back 24 hours. Was well worth the wait though!

I’m pretty sure Leezu said that all of the designs that were showcased at last nights show are NOW AVAILABLE AT THE LEEZU STORE for you to check out and purchase if any take your fancy 🙂 There will also be a Machinima uploaded of the show hopefully sometime today. So if you didn’t get a chance to see it, you can see it on film. I’ll blog it as soon as I hear about it!



I would also like to say a big thank you personally to Umberto Giano, Viola Rookswood and the whole team at The Grove for hosting a great Red-Carpet event before the LeeZu show yesterday. Was at a great venue and filled with great friends. Some photos of that event can be viewed HERE

If you haven’t already, check out the OGLAM SPRING 2012 FASHION BOOK which was released the other day!


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