A New Residents Perspective on SL Today…

Alot of us have been in Second Life for a while now, however we all were at the nooby stage many many months ago, in some cases…many YEARS ago. Great memories, great discoveries. We all experienced the phases of wanting to be a neko, wanting to go to the clubs all day and all night…..stripping 😛

One of the first pictures Beanski took!

One of the First Pictures Beanski took! Not bad 😛

I think it is interesting to get a New Residents Perspective on Second Life whenever they join, just to see what they make of this virtual world so many of us have helped in some way to build. I have recently brought someone from my Real Life Family into Second Life as he has a keen interest for online worlds. However, I don’t think he anticipated Second Life to be anything like he has found it to be in his first month. Which, I think is a good thing!

He goes by the name of BeanskiDee – Catchy right?

Now Beanski has gone through the club phase already…he is well out of it. At the moment, it is Neko. I brought him along to the OGLAM LeeZu show on sunday night, so he could check out what kind of work me and Rico do in SL…and what our world basically is. Obviously there is way much more to SL than the Modeling, Fashion shows – But, just wanted to see if he would be interested and what he would make of such a thing that is so alien to him. Turns out, he LOVED it.

I advised Beanksi to create a blog. I personally am very interested in see what discoveries he makes, and kinda like the Truman Show…following his journey through this new life. Just not as personal 😛

You can Follow BeanskiDee’s journey from New Resident to whatever he is going to be at www.beanskidee.wordpress.com – I shall also have this as a new feature on my blog too. So whatever updates he has, I’ll let you know about them 😀

Hope you find this as interesting as I am going to. And with blogging and SL being so new to him, maybe some of you may help him out to discover more of what we have to offer. I’m sure he would appreciate it 🙂


3 thoughts on “A New Residents Perspective on SL Today…

  1. You should find a monkey and paint it red, then get a Smurf avi, some barbed wire, a snorkel, and some oven mitts and head to the nearest Snorkeling Smurfs cave and enjoy the late night scene. If you can also find a latex Richard Nixon mask and a 10M cube of lard, so much the better!

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