Recently, I have been admiring the amazing works of Second Life Fashion Blogger, Ammonia. Her pictures and stylings are so awesome. They really do stand out.

I wanted to get to know Ammonia a little more so asked her if she would do an interview. Within 24 hours, it was done and posted here YaY!

If you have yet to discover this stunning blogger, then you are in for a treat. Hope you enjoy 🙂


✦ Hi Ammonia, thank you so much for taking time out to do this with me! Really Appreciate it! So, I’m going to be honest, it was only recently I heard of your name and discovered you on Flickr. How long have you been blogging in SL for?

First of all I want to thank you for the interview. As you know my avatar is only 3 months old, and from that day I have my blog. Of course Im not new in Second Life, is something many people know or think about.
I have 5 years in this crazy world and I really love create avatars, the challenges are amazing and I love!
For me SL is not only that, I can invent myself (avi) as many times as I want not just as “2nd life”, and no matter who I am, always a new challenge, I try to keep separate my RL in SL ( honestly, doesn’t matter… I don’t talk usually with the people, I’m a little shy too ) but I’m always myself, I only change my goals in the game… In my avatar.
I’m not a person who keeps in his backpack all your memories, no matter if I have super goals before, and when I try to start it from scratch, as it is now with my new avatar “Ammonia” of what I feel most identified for his freedom.
I love blogging ❤

✦ What made you want to be a fashion blogger? Have you always been a fashion lover? And what do you feel makes you different to the many other bloggers on the grid today?

I think Barbie did much damage to my childhood! 
Now that I’m older, I realized that in SL I can play the same thing I did when I was young and made me feel happy.
And now I must answer the question ‘What makes you different” that question is hard! There are many bloggers who deserve all our respect, especially the great photographers, I’m not! and do not consider myself that. I must say that there are many people who follow my blog, and I feel very proud because people like my crazy combinations. THANK YOU ALL!
My blog is simply a mixture of feelings, emotions, cultures, is a remix! I hate follow the same pattern always, I want people can find in my blog a little bit of everything, and i think this is the difference.

✦ I must say that your styling and photos are really amazing. I was browsing through your stream and looking at them all, really great work! When I look at your pictures, you actually remind me of a few other style icons I guess we could say – You have that Miaa Rebane, Vikeejeah Xevion feel about you. Do you have anyone you look up to and admire in the SL fashion world…and if so, why do you admire them?

*BLUSHESSSS* Thank you very much! is an honor for me, especially because they are the best in SL with others of my favorites 🙂 Miaa is a person with excellent photographic prowess and creativity, Vikeejeah is another talented woman she can get all goals too, an earthquake.
I feel admiration of a lot of people in SL, i can’t say all names lol
I’m sure they know exactly who are 🙂

✦What about Fashion Brands. Who would you say are the brands you are in love with at the moment?

My passion in SL is the fashion, and due to this also I have lots of favorite designers ❤ between them if we talk about accessories and jewelry I can not forget Gyorgyna LaGyo Larnia the owner, she has an exquisite Italian taste, and all pieces seem real masterpieces.
Let’s talk about clothes! Lelutka, Celoe, Mon tissu, Chantkare … Could be here a long time saying their names!
I must point out something, some small shops are not very famous as the others but I like promote on my blog, as there are excellent shops unknown treasures, is something that I love to mix in my outfits and show in my blog.
So if the people are looking for some unusual… You can see my blog ^^

✦ One thing I love about you is your name. Ammonia. Why did you chose to call yourself that, just out of curiosity 😛

Hahahahaha thank you for this question! some people ask me too.
Well, I think my style is not for everyone, may sound stupid but I thought, ok Ammonia is a strong smell, like my style, and can also produce repulsive to others who says that “less is more” and is something I hate, in my case less is not more, I think you need to know what you’re doing mix … anyway is my closet in SL only…….. So more more more please!

✦ Now I know you blog a lot, but do you do any Runway modeling or have any interest in that side of the Fashion World of SL?

I’ll be very honest in this respect is something that I could enjoy much in Second Life, but also a stage and a goal accomplished as an avatar in the metaverse.
 It has its positive and negative side, people become apathetic, I was not free, some bad people and few awesome people, I’m sorry but my life is my blog.
Anyway, I am very grateful for many people, I will not give details, as part of my past 🙂
Much respect for all and peace please! this is what we need.

✦ Are you open at the moment for designers to contact you to blog items for them? And if so, what is the best way for them to go about doing that?

Of course! 🙂 it is a pleasure for me when designers contact me, I feel deeply bad you can not use everything I want, because my time will not let me, and of course is impossible, they can see my policy on my blog, if interested I invite you to read it and if you agree can contact me.
Thank you all, you are my jewels.

✦ Finally, we will round this how I always like to end these interviews. With a big Shameless Plug! Where can fashion lovers see your work, and what exciting plans do you have for yourself in the near future that you can share with us? 😀

They can see all my works from Flickr, my blog and GODIVAS OF SL blog in which also worked!
 And for the near future I am thinking of creating shapes, as it is something that fascinates me too, but for now let’s focus on the blog, people know me more! and then we’ll talk business = P

 Thanks for this wonderful interview, peace and love!



(My English is bad, a thousand apologies ^^)







2 thoughts on “AVI INTERVIEW: Ammonia Resident (FASHION BLOGGER)

  1. Yay! Ammonia is a really sweet person, though I’ve only chatted with her a few times. But she always finds the best stuff from the strangest places and I love her pictures despite her not feeling much like a photographer.

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