AVI INTERVIEW: DICONAY BOA (Model/Stylist/Photographer)

I got the chance to sit down with someone I have known for a very long time, but never really took the time to find out how it all started for her. Diconay Boa is to me, one of the top stylists/fashion photographers on the grid, and has been for some time. She always seems to remain at the top of her game releasing fantastic work whether on her flickr page or in AVENUE Magazine.

Dico is a woman with many talents, making poses for her store CORPUS aswell as maintaining her work in other endeavours. In this Interview, I got to find out how it all began for her and where she is today.

I enjoyed writing these questions, and I tried to go as indepth as possible. Dico returned some great answers, so I hope you all enjoy this feature on Diconay Boa!


✦ Hiii Dico! Thank you for taking time to do this with me today, really appreciate it! Dico, we have actually known each other quite a long time, and I’ve long admired your work along with so many other fans you have gained through your time Inworld. Can you tell us what brought you to SL in 2007, and what was so appealing about it for you to stick around for all this time?

Hello Edi, it’s a pleasure having you making this interview, I feel very flattered!

Answering your question… SL started for me in a curious way. I was watching a TV news channel, and there was a report about Second Life and all the advantages and disadvantages it may bring you. Also because was recent for the work, so… I saw a case of a mother that stayed online 24/7, the children were obligated to clean, to cook, handle with domestic tasks… Her husband was desperate and already thinking about divorce because he couldn’t stand the addiction of his wife. The started to show how Second Life can be a business in real life as well.

I thought how’s possible to be 24/7 online, make kids do that, husband about to leave her and all those conditions… Then after some days, I kept that interview on my mind and decided to make my Second Life registration to see how can this be such an addiction. Well, I’m almost here for 5 years now, I considered myself addicted for some months, but I discovered now that Real Life has the best life can bring. Met my Real Life boyfriend here and we are still together, made quite few friends (not many but really good ones whom I do trust loads), fashion, photography and poses are my hobbies, but I can spend days without coming online! I think it’s SL in the right proportion and in a healthy way!

That’s how I joined!

✦ You have done many things in here and we will get to the rest in a moment, but I want to start on your Photography work. When did you get into Photography in here and is it something you have experience in outside of SL? Because you certainly have a great quality to your graphic work!

I am Designer in Real Life, I have master degree some time now in Design area, but still lots to learn. Of course this is connected with photography. It’s a real life passion I have since childhood, I always played with the cams. When I went to high school I had Photography classes and on college I had experience of manual B&W photography in studio. All the antique process of photography, since the liquids, the paper selection, the exposure, the contrasts, everything… I always say I FELT photography in my hands since the button to take it to the final product.

I guess this reflects my work in Second Life as well… Everyone can learn Photoshop or other supports. We all have different styles, I am someone that always look up to learn more about and experience… but on the end I guess it’s really loving graphic work. It’s pleasing for me.

✦ Secondly, you are a fantastic model/stylist! I’ve seen you in competitions in the past, flickr photos and various publications. You are also the Current Face of Couture Avenue 2012. Tell us about your modeling career in SL. How did it Start, and what are some of your memorable experiences so far?

Well, as every model, we all have flavors and disappointments. I started early. Always wanted to become Model in SL due Real Life experiences in Real Life.

One day I joined all fashion groups I knew (and let me tell you, there wasn’t so many models and such competition as today), and I paid extra attention to agency castings for models recruitment.

Back at that time, there was an agency called IMA (International Models Agency) that was ran by marian Rexen. She sent a notice on Models looking 4 Work group and asked models to join the casting in swimsuit/ bikini. I was noobish, it was 2007 (lol, can’t believe… 2007!!!) I asked some directions directly to marian Rexen and asked if we really needed to make the casting ONLY in swimsuit, she said yes and borrowed me one of her best Monokini. Unfortunately my real life called, and I logged off. So when I got back my only concern was to send back the monokini back to marian. I IMed her and she asked me why I couldn’t come, she understood, finally I gave her the monokini back and she finally says to me ‘accept this’, and it was a teleport to her house. She saw me and immediately hired me to her agency. That’s how Diconay Boa started on Modeling world, the rest is history!

✦ We mentioned AVENUE above. I know you have a close link with the organization and with your style of work I personally feel you fit in perfectly there. Tell us about your work with AVENUE. How did that all start for you, and how did you feel when you won the Face Of Couture Avenue contest?

Well, it started cause I always showed my interest in AVENUE. At my eyes always was a wonderful team with extreme organization and great taste. I regret some things on SL and one of them is the fact that I didn’t joined AVENUE before. I joined cause makes me feel like home,my own style, work, like you mentioned… it’s all me!

It started when I received a IM from Rusch Raymaker asking me to work for AVENUE MAGAZINE as a exclusive photographer. I guess at that time was already visible I wanted to make part of them, it wasn’t something I ‘wanted’ it was a true desire.

I didn’t think twice, I immediately accepted Rusch invite after a meeting in world. After some time they started auditions to Couture AVENUE Look 2011, I was selected on the first round as a finalist. Took 12 months to get into finals but I was already AVENUE Model, after I joined AVENUE Summer Casting 2011. After AVENUE Summer Casting, finals of Couture AVENUE Look 2011 came, and the only thing I can say is that was the thing I wanted the most, and I made it. I would be lying by saying I couldn’t believe I am the winner but, sorry folks, I guess I did a pretty amazing job!

That was THE conquer!

The rest came with time, I keep photographing for AVENUE MAGAZINE, and recently had the pleasure to be invited to write the first article and be one of the stylist for AVENUE, which makes me very proud.

✦ POSES! This is something else you are passionate about and have invested a lot of time and effort into. You own a pose store, and have done for some time. How long did it take you to get into the creation of poses, and when your business really take off?

Poses was a experience I made… I mean, started in a stupid way. I was talking one day in world with mainit Hellman and he showed me a video. The day next, I downloaded a pose software started playing with it and in 20 minutes I had like 20 poses. Reasonable ones actually. Of course they needed adjusts like transition times, and such, which that came with time and effort to find perfect details. Well, after those 20 poses, I started creating more but never with the intention to sell them. I made some shows, actually had some models asking me where those poses were from, and I started thinking maybe people would like to use them like I do so… CORPUS born not much time after.

Unfortunately it’s closed for renovations (yes, still!) but we are hoping to open really soon!

CORPUS is my baby, and I’m very proud of it!

✦ My last Interview Dico, was with an SL Fashion Blogger named Ammonia, and after snooping your groups, I noticed you are both a member of a group titled ‘The Godivas’ – Can you tell us a little about this group of models, because lately I’m hearing the word GODIVA alot with certain models and I find it interesting.

GODIVAs of SL is a group & blog runned by one of the best models of SL,at my eyes: Vikeejeah Xevion. She created The GODIVAs of SL as a selection of Models with unique and different senses of style and distinguished personalities.

And the concept is simple: ‘Avatars with extreme flavor’, as we all represent a chocolate flavor. I’m CARAMEL GODIVA,and there is still Mocha, Noir, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Cinnamon… and some more!

Each GODIVA has a unique “flavor”, as we mean different visions of style and different fashion perspectives.

Resuming: GODIVA is a fashion Guru!

I’m ultra happy that Vikeejeah asked me to be part of her selection of flavors! It’s an honor to be in the middle of some of the best stylists SL has seen.

✦ Finally Dico. We will end how I always end an Interview and that is to give you a chance to tell us what exciting projects you have coming up that we can look forward to seeing. And also, where are the best places to see your work, for those who don’t already?

Well, as I said above, Second Life for me is now like… utopic! (If that’s a word I can use!) I come to SL only one hour and not everyday. So… projects!!!

I want to re-open CORPUS, which will be very soon! And I will keep blogging for CLOSET DISCLOSURE and The GODIVAs of SL, and working proudly for AVENUE MAGAZINE.

Also I would like to invite some of known faces I truly admire to make some styling shoots with me for a project that won’t take a lot of my time, but definitely well worth!

So for short: AVENUE Inc., CORPUS, to keep blogging and, for sure, to keep being the person I became, are main projects!

Thank you Edi for such a wonderful interview. It was a true pleasure!





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