*RISING STAR* – AntoinetteJordan Resident

AntoinetteJordan is a woman of many talents. Bursting onto the scene as a great photographer, blogger, skin designer and a social network-aholic.

I first became aware of Antoinette on Flickr, admiring her photography work, then soon after, Facebook. One thing I loved about her right away, was that she is VERY social on the networks. Always being active and making people smile. It’s very clear she has a great number of friends and following in the work that she does.

Antoinette is a great blogger, photographer and most recently became the skin designer for Angel Dessous, one of the leading fashion brands on the grid. I believe she is a great talent and was certainly one for my Rising Star features.

Thank you so much, and keep up the great work in the future!!


✦ Hi Antoinette, it’s a pleasure to have you featured as one of my ‘Rising Stars’ today! First of all, can you tell us how long you have been around in Second Life, and how it all began for you?

Hi Edi, first of all I have to admit that this is my second Avatar in SL. I‘m in SL since about 2 years now and I‘ve given a try to many different things. I had a club where I was dancer and manager. Additionally I‘ve designed clothes. Due to the fact that I hadn‘t much experience in SL and didn‘t find the right tips I capitulated and started again with a fresh Avatar.
Again I gave the dancing in a club a try, started growing horses and started the approach in creating skins. OMG what I time I‘ve had! But in the end all the things didn‘t make me that happy and successful as I hoped to be so I made a break in SL. In september 2011 I was delighted again to come back to SL when I saw some friends of mine posting their SL pictures on Facebook. I bought a small piece of land and a good friend of mine (Jshawn Thirdborn) convinced me to open up a shop with my skins – and that‘s what I did. Until I closed the AntZ-shop about two weeks ago due to a lack of time to really care for the shop and everything else.
Many thought that I would quit again with SL – but no, I won‘t leave so soon . It was just a new passion that got me: modeling, blogging and photography.

✦ You seem to do quite a lot of things in Second Life, one in particular is how I noticed you, and that is Photography. How did you get started in Photography and is it something you have experience in outside of Second Life?

I was studying Desktop Publishing via distance learning the first step for a Graphic Design degree. After I found a job then I stopped the studying (unfortunately this little break is still taking place).
When I started with Photoshop about 4 years ago I had only a little knowledge of it but with some good tutorials and learning by doing it got better and better.
Since a few weeks I‘m working with the Windlights in SL, where I think you can achieve really great results without a big retouch afterwards.
Ok, in the end there is one thing you need to have: Creativity! And if I‘m not letting it out I‘m gonna explode

✦ Now most recently, you became the skin designer for Angel Dessous. What can you tell us about tis? How did this happen and how has it been so far?

As I said before it‘s about two weeks since I closed my own skin shop. And exactly at this time a good friend of mine, Leandra Breen, who noticed the closure asked me to sell some of my skins on Angel Dessous.
So I took some new photos and designed 2 new skins (oh no, it‘s actually 3 ;)) and now my skins are in a small shop right in front of Angel Dessous‘ Mainstore.

✦ As a blogger too, you are heavily involvedand up to date on the current Fashion Scene In World. Who would you say are your favorite Designers at the moment who fit your personal style on how you like your Avatar to be dressed.

Good question – I think I like to mix it up. In the near past I often bought at Maitreya and Wasabi Pills. I LOVE MESH! But I also like shopping at Gizza, Vero Modero, Boudoir and N-Core.
In times when I don‘t have to many things to blog about (what, honestly said, didn‘t happen that often) I wear Jeans, High Heels and a nice top. In the end I‘m quite normal – and crazy.

✦ Finally Antoinette, for those that do not follow your work already, where are the best places to do that, and what exciting plans do you have for yourself and work in the near future that you can share?

First place to go is Angel Dessous, of course, where you can buy my skins. At the moment I‘m working for 5 blogs (BOSL, Fashioncontainer, My Style my Blog, LpD, D‘rezz up) and as a photographer for the TREND magazine. Last week I passed my graduation at InWorld inc. – and right after it I was asked to work as a model for Passion – The Fashion Agency. So you will see me as a model, too. The last four weeks gave me a real push forward and I‘m running around with a big smile on my face.
And then suddenly this request for the interview popped up I‘m really honored! I just jumped around the flat for a while 🙂

Many Thanks Edi 🙂




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