Reminiscing on Old SL

I have had 2 accounts on Second Life. The first one, I was underage, as the age limit back then was 18…i was like 16, but at the time didn’t care because I didn’t really know what Second Life was all about. I was an intrigued teenager that’s all.

This was in 2007 to the end of 2008. And to be honest, I feel happy that I was apart of it then. I think Second Life was at its best. I have read somewhere that the years 2007 -2008 of SL were the ‘Golden Years’. I truly believe that too, it was just great. I know I was underage, shouldn’t have even been in…but I don’t regret it at all. That for me, was the BEST time for Second Life.

I remember when BAY CITY opened for the first time. Linden Lab sent out a notice I think, just like the region restart notices? And told us all about this new place being opened. And to see it still around today, is amazing. And the scale of it too, of how it has developed over the years.

TREET TV was known as SLCN. ACTION SURF & SKATE was the go to store. THE GOOD LIFE (The GL) was the place for hair. People got their houses at GALLAND or SCARLET CREATIVE. And so much more

I wanted to try everything out back then. I tried adopting the kids thing too. In fact, I actually really loved it. I was thinking just the other day, Second Life for me was most enjoyable back then. I don’t know why, there was just something different about it, that isn’t around anymore. Brings back some good ol’memories every time I think back. Even when I see Dousa Dragonash of Metaverse TV, I smile. Because she still looks like she did in 2008…and to be honest, I love that about her. I think its great! People didn’t care what they looked like back then…not to the extent they do now. Dousa is a shining example of that, and she is Awesome for it.

I did leave after a while to deal with Real Life and other stuff, but came back on Edi. Although I have done a lot more on this one and been way more active…I still think something is missing in SL today. Just recently, I have been talking to Rico (My partner) about maybe making some changes in our SLife to bring some more fun to it. Make it different. I think sometimes we log into SL, see the same old things everyday, hear the same old dramas…it just doesn’t make SL fun…or AS fun as it could and should be.

I have just been thinking about this a lot over the last couple of days…weeks. I love Second Life. I think we all do, otherwise we would have gone a long time ago. I just think it’s important sometimes to make some changes, or do something different to give it a new meaning, and be a happier place for yourself. Don’t you?


Chris Brown – Forever

Brings back so many great memories of Summer 2008 for me. Everytime I listen to that song, It makes me think of Second Life. It was always played on a radio station I listened to, and I always remember listening to it inworld. For me, it was the song of 2008. May sound sad, but It’s nice that SL gives that feeling I think, and it’s important to hold onto those special memories that it gives us. 🙂


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