OGLAM iNSIDE: March Winner Interview – Starline Igeria


What made you interested in modelling in sl, and what was your first step into becoming a model…
I started learning with AnnaG Pfeffer just three months after arriving in SL. She encouraged me to follow, telling me I had talent (now she is with Tania Tebaldi my dearest friends in SL). I love the world of fashion and creativity in general, and I found a good way to hang out in this world. The more you know you love, and it’s something addictive, no doubt.

What would you say your “signature” style is and what kind of style do you normally love to wear?
My signature style is the avant garde. I always try to be perfect, but I have to admit it is not my favourite.
I casual chic I feel very confortable, also in urban styles. I love to be dressed in bright colors, informal accesories and afro hairs.

How much of your RL style do you put into your modelling in sl? Is it similar, or is it very different?
Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no. I am a young woman; I like tattoos and casual wear…I need comfortable clothing for a mom with a lot of work. Running shoes and track suits are my allies. I wish I had my closet like the SL inventory!

What have been your biggest accomplishment so far in modelling in sl?
Being in several beauty contest and finished in a good place helped me a lot, no doubt.
Winning the monthly Sparkling Champagne brand was great, and of course the Inside of March. Also enter into an agency like Opium Evolution, in a casting with many models, is something that makes me feel proud.

What are your goals for modelling? What would be the ultimate acheivement for you?
I guess becoming a respected and recognized model, an example for all the girls who start in fashion world. Not only for my work as a model, but for me as a person and friend.
To be in prestigious agencies and work with the bests, this is what I expect in a future.


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