In the 90’s…

Im a 90’s kid and proud of it! I saw these new Gabriel sweaters and it took me back in time. I can remember, living with my mom, and the way her and her friends used to dress back then. I don’t want to say ‘Hippie’ but, there was something about it that was different. Everything they wore was baggy, but it looked cool. I love the baggyness of these sweaters and I wanted to style something from back then, bought brought forward to how I’d wear it now. To make it more Chic.

She had one friend in particular. His name was Kammy. I used to look up to him a lot, don’t see anything of him now unfortunately. I was thinking of him when dressing up today. Think he would dig it!😀


Gabriel MESH Sweater (Red)

Hoorenbeek Dress Shirt with Tie

Plank Couture Desert Wonderer Pants

Plank Couture Desert Wonderer Boots

NSD Durham Bag (Union Jack)

Reek Park Shades

Dura Hair Boy *31

CheerNo Alejandro Fedora Hat

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