Getting to know the REAL people….

For all of us over time, we meet and make friends with some AMAZING people from all around the world. We also have friends who were, but no longer for whatever reason.

I’ve learnt over time not to judge people just from what you hear about them. I take that into Second Life. Would I say my Second Life is happy right now? I actually would! I have a great partner who loves and cares about me and I feel the same way back 1000000%. Is our relationship perfect? No way. We argue, we rant…but we also laugh and share great moments. There are areas we could work on of course…that goes with all relationships though. Am I or anyone else perfect? Nope, certainly not. I could be better in a lot of areas. I think everyone is ALWAYS growing up in some way. I’m human, just like you and we are all different. Thats a beautiful thing. All we can do is live each day to the fullest and keep improving ourselves. I’m safe knowing I have a great Family and group of REAL Friends…and I’m blessed to have that.

I’m posting this here simply to anyone who judges anyone by their ”gossips” or rumours….get to know the REAL person before you make your judgement on them final. If you are unable to do that…simple. F*CK U and have a nice life 🙂


One thought on “Getting to know the REAL people….

  1. Sometimes it’s good to be a stoopid Cao because I never hear any gossip or know anything going on. But as a person who despises gossiping and bullying, I agree Edi. This reminds me of my blog title the other day, “Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.” I feel nothing good comes from being in someone elses business, but a world of good can come from listening to their ideas. Love you so my friend! xox

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