*RISING STAR* – Rebekah Lyter

I have to blame my hubby for getting me so into Flickr over the past year or two. He is always on it looking at everyones photos and I always used to wonder why. Flickr is an amazing place, especially for Second Life. Each day, I find myself discovering amazing talents from across the grid, posting their work online for us to enjoy.

I recently have been following the work of a small few, Rebekah Lyter is one of them. I first became aware of her via our UrWorld SL Flickr group when she posted some pictures, and actually won the Picture Of The Week Award sometime last month. Her stream is amazing, and certainly one that if you don’t already know about her, you will be asking her for an appointment!

Rebekah has a very specific style. Certainly not the pretty boy/girl type of photos. And that is what I love about it!

Browsing Rebekahs Flickr Stream, you can also get the sense that she is a very down to earth person. I just simply love her work, and I’m sure a lot of others will too once they see it! I chose Rebekah to be one of my RISING STARS here on the blog, because I think she is a super talent just WAITING to be snapped up by people!

I believe we will be hearing a lot more of Rebekah in the coming year!


✦ Thank you so much Rebekah for allowing me to feature you as one of my Rising Stars. First of all, let’s start back at the beginning. Can you tell us when you came to Second Life, and how it happened?

Haha wow, that was over 2 years ago now, but I was “forced” to join by a real life friend who was loving the whole “vampire clan” thing back in 2010. So, I figured, being the gamer I am, I’d join. I joined, became a vampire through bloodlines, staying with bloodlines for about 4 months before realising there was a lot more out there in the limitless world of secondlife. I’ve had phases of addiction to the game, where, like many people, I came online everyday for many hours, but for the past year I’ve been gradually coming online less, and now I really only come online to edit pictures and the occasional goof around with my friends.

✦ What were some of the things you used to do to fill your time in the first few months after joining?

Ah, I should have proof read the questions before answering my first one. xD But yes, the first few months after joining SL, I was taken up by bloodlines. The whole concept of having a “family” in SL was quite nice when you first start off, but I quickly moved on and found bigger and better things (for me, which included photography and DJing.)

✦ I want to ask you about your great photography work. When did you start doing that? Is it something you already have experience in, or did you just develop it whilst in here?

Well, throughout my life my dad has always been a photographer (in the past it was professional but now he just does it as a hobby) and through that, I was highly influenced to develop an interest and passion in photography, as well as other art forms. I have always loved taking snapshots in secondlife, but really only got into taking them and editing them, around about October 2011, where I began to learn more about photoshop and how to apply it to images taken in secondlife.
I’ve always loved photography in real life, and I enjoy exploring it in secondlife and seeing what other wonderful creations other people come up with through this game we are all in love with.

✦ If you could take 3 things you have in your Second Life and bring into Real Life, what would they be and why?

Hm, interesting question. I’d probably (cheesily) bring a few friends from secondlife into real life. I’ve been blessed to meet quite a lot of my friends I meet on secondlife, in real life, and a few of them I see a few times a year when we go to music festivals. I know, it’s cheesy to say I’d bring 3 friends from secondlife to real life, but most other things I have in secondlife, I’ve pretty much got in real life. (I mean, I have friends too, but not the 3 people in particular I would take from secondlife).
I dress very similar in real life as I do in secondlife most of the time, I go to clubs in real life and I edit photos in real life.
If friends don’t count for this question, I’d have to say: The ability to fly. Who wouldn’t want this?! Just being able to get up one day and fly wherever the hell you want, the world would literally be your oyster.The ability to suddenly become half animal half human (this could be very interesting, and weird as hell, which gets a big thumbs up from me!) and erm, my avatars amazing ability to dance. xD

✦ What would you say is your proudest accomplishment or memory since you have been a Second Life Resident?

Probably my found ability to DJ. Before I joined SL, I did have an interest in music and DJing, but it was never something I tried out. After being on SL for a month or so I began going to a club called club zero, and by May 2010 I was DJing there. At the time, I was just using SAM broadcaster, I wasn’t really DJing, I was broadcasting my own song choice, it was pretty fun but got boring at times.
I met a person called lawrence (xealot in secondlife and he is now one of my closest friends on secondlife). He had a very similar music taste to me, but he mixed live, and he always blew my mind everytime he DJ’d. About 6 months ago, he created his own hangout/club called E.B.S (which most people who have followed my stream for a while, will know about as I do use flickr to advertise sometimes >.>). After he created this club, I told myself to “grow a pair” and get myself a Numark Mixtrack Pro (DJing console) and experiment with what I can do trhough it. I absolutely adore this console, it is one of the best purchases of my life, and although I don’t have much time to DJ in SL anymore, I would love to pursue it in Real life as a hobby, as I adore mixing live (I’m pretty unusual as a DJ though, like Lawrence, I almost “compose” the set, and my sets are often chilled/dark trance or EBM.)

✦ Finally, for those who would like to follow your work more in the future if they do not already, how do we go about doing that?

Well really the only place I show off my work is on flickr at the moment (I have, however, been hired to work for the creative part of a secondlife magazine called “ohboi magazine”. Some of my work will be featured in the next issues. My flickr link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/supmasecondlifedawg/

And thankyou once again for choosing me for this, I am so honoured.


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