There’s a handful of Male Models who have been around for a very long time, and who are still active today. Liam Netizen is one of those. I can say Liam is not only a great model, but an all round nice guy. I admire him in many ways. One, his professionalism in his work and how he keeps his work and private life completely separate. Two, because he keeps himself out of the ‘spotlight’ and lives his SLife with a proper family. Three, Liam is Deaf in RL and is completely open about it too. To see him achieve all these goals and be happy is a great thing to see. I think so anyway.

Liam has a very extensive and impressive resume of his work since he became a model here in Second Life. He works with some of the best agencies on the grid and is admired by ALOT of people. He is completely recognizable, which is very important for a model nowadays. You can always look at a picture of Liam and know it is him. I don’t know anyone that has got a bad word to say about this guy, he is a true gent.

Enjoy the interview, and I hope by the end of it you get to know this super talented guy a little bit better 🙂


✦ Hey Liam! Thanks for taking time out to do this Interview with me today, I hope you are well 🙂 First of all, let’s go right back to the beginning. You joined Second Life in the Summer of 2008. How did you find out about SL and what made you want to join?

Hi Edi, Thank you very much for inviting me here today,  Its a pleasure to be interviewed by you, and yes I am very well.
I first found out about Second Life when I went to stay at a friends house for a few days over the summer of 2008. My friend was explaining all about Second Life while I watched him playing, he told me how people learn to build, have homes, get jobs etc. and I remember thinking how good it looked.  When I returned home, I was every excited about making a Second Life for myself so I downloaded the game.  In RL I am profoundly deaf and find it difficult to  communicate with  hearing people, as British Sign Language is my first language.  However, in SL I can communicate to everyone using text.

✦ You have been around in the modeling industry in SL for a very long time and still going now. What made you want to get into modeling, and why have you stuck to it for so long?

Yes it has been a long! I got into modelling because I like fashion, I spent alot of my early days in SL doing the usual things like exploring and shopping, then I found out about modelling and thought I’d give it a go. I joined a model agency, payed my fee, passed the course, and starting in fashion shows and competitions.  Fashion in SL has become a big thing, everyone wants the best, and SL has some amazing designers. I have never considered giving up modelling,  I have seen many changes in my time as a model, and I look forward to many more exciting designers and changes for as long as I stay in SL.

✦ Liam, for being around so long, you must have gained a lot of great memories! Can you tell us what some of your best experiences you have, and what have been your highest & proudest moments?

Well it has to be said that my best moment was winning Mr. Virtual World in 2009, its the biggest contest in the modelling industry and every model is chasing that title. On hearing my name called out as the winner, all  my emotions mixed into one exhilarating finale of all the hard work I had put into the competiton, I speechless for a few minutes!

✦ You are one of the few Top Models of Second Life, who in their spare time, stay completely out of the ”spotlight” I guess we could say. You have a proper family in here and I’ve always admired that about you. I thought maybe it would be nice if you could tell us a little about your SL family life 🙂

Indeed, I have been married to my wife Maisie for 2yrs, she is my rock.  She is a Vice Principal at an SL kids Elementary School, she teachers 2 classes per week, she is also the school swimming coach.  Our family consists of 7 children and 2 dogs, we live in family RP community, our kids attend school, and various other clubs such as ballet, and scouts.  When Maisie and myself are not working, we spend all our time with our family.  We RP family life, we have family vacations, day trips, etc. This is how we enjoy our SL together, without them, I would be lost.

✦ Now being a Model, you are obviously centered around the Fashion World. Have you always had a love for Fashion outside of Second Life, or is this something that just developed, and you didn’t know about it until you started modeling in here?

In RL I do love fashion, I just  didnt really know how much until I started in SL. SL has a way of allowing people to be who they could only dream about being or reaching goals that are unreachable in RL. In SL people are able to be anything or anyone they choose, thats what I love about it.

✦ One thing that I know you do, which I actually find very interesting, is the Rainbow Kids Productions. You are the Executive Director and Producer there. Can you tell us a little about Rainbow Kids? What is it all about, and how did you become involved?

I came up with the idea to have a family fashion business, but I wasn’t quite sure if there was a need for it.  We talked about it and decided to give it a try.  However, since all our planning started, we have come to realise that there are so many kids in SL, and the child fashions are growing bigger.  Designers want their clothes shown in catwalk style.  Our first show was a Winter Wonderland show, in December. It was a huge hit, and since then our model numbers have grown.  We have a fantasy fashion show, and more and more designers are coming forward wanting us to model their clothes.
Our next show is Spring Fashion on Saturday 21st April and we look forward to that and many more future shows.
Its a family run business and we all get involved, we love it.

✦ Okay Liam, let’s round this off now with your plans for the future! What stuff do you have lined up in the near future you can share with us? And if anyone would like to follow your work, where are the best places to do that? 🙂

My future plans are to continue with my modelling, I enjoy this very much.  Also, to continue with Rainbow Kids Productions with various shows throughout the year,  this will hopefully raise the choice of kids fashion within SL.






  1. he taughts me lots as a kids models hims patient and always has a kinds words 🙂
    and i like hims jaguars too

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