Heroes In Our Life

Tonight, I have been sitting inworld at home…alone as my family is out in RL or other events and I switch on my iTunes. This is a usual thing for me. Whenever I’m alone or working, I will always have music playing. I listen to different genres of music, I don’t particularly have a favourite. I’m pretty open-minded.

I started to listen to my Nirvana music. Nirvana is a band I grew up on. My parents have video tapes of me, wearing a sweater on my head pretending it was long hair, with my old acoustic guitar, singing Nirvana tracks. Was amazing watching it back because I knew all of the words. I don’t know why I liked Nirvana so much as a child I really don’t. I guess there is something in everyone though that we have loved since we were babies and have continued to love and admire throughout the rest of life. Means something special to us ❤

 Every time I listen to Nirvana, It doesn’t just bring back memories of my childhood. It also gets me thinking about a man I thought was god, Kurt Cobain. A lot of people don’t think he is great at all due to the way his life ended, the mistakes he made through his journey. To me, that is just who he was. Nobody is perfect, nobody is the same or a goody two shoes. I idolized the man, even at a very young age. I still do now. To this day he remains and always shall remain one of my true inspirations in life. His life story is incredible and I will admire him until I enter my grave. You look at many of the artists around today, and they don’t have anywhere near as much talent as that guy had. He was a genius and changed music…not many can say they have done that. He had this style and personality, that he just didn’t give a damn about anything, however, deep down, you knew he did. You knew he was a troubled soul no matter how much he tried to hide it.

The people we call our heroes or inspirations in life all mean something special to us. I just wanted to write this tonight because it was on my mind, plus a friend got me thinking about it after seeing in my profile that he is my hero. It’s also great how music brings back certain memories for us of many years ago. Love it ❤

Your personal heroes are special. They are your heroes for a very good reason, keep hold of them, no matter who they are. Because just thinking about them, looking at their work…puts a smile on your face and keeps you going 🙂

Another one of those people is Eddie Vedder. One of the best voices in the history of Rock. The song ‘Alive’ is a personal Fav. Amazing! ❤


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