Out of Character Behaviour

A couple of days ago, I wrote something here on my blog directed at someone, that was completely out of my character. The last couple of months, a great friendship became something very sad. This has nothing to do with anyone but myself and this individual. I reacted to a post in a negative way, without thinking first, and lashed out publicly. This is completely not me at all, way out of my character and I want to apologize to bringing that onto my readers here and anyone else who viewed it.

Since then, we have BOTH sat down together, talked in Skype at length about what has happened and really solved a lot of issues by being honest with each other. Which is what real friends do. I’m young, and I’m not using that as an excuse for certain behaviours, but I still have a lot to learn in certain areas. I am continuing to learn each day, just like everyone else. I do not want people to think I am turning into the next ”Trash Blogger” because it is not me at all, or what I am about. Ever since I stepped onto the Grid, I have always been about showing off great people, events, sims. This was not the place to bring such drama.

Someone messaged me about it Inworld, and said they thought I was ”Awesome” for it. Which really made me sad and got me thinking, as it is not what it was posted for. It was not written to make me look good in any way, or for people to cheer. It was an act of rage, an act of which I should have thought more about without doing something so public.

I am lucky enough to have a group of true Friends and Family in Second Life. Any issues that have occurred will be sorted or have been already. I’m in a great relationship with a man I love, and really, could not be happier right now. Also trying my hand at landscape photography which I’m really enjoying and seems to be my latest hobby. I’d like to apologize to all those who read this and saw this type of behaviour from myself. I’d also like to send an apology to Frolic Mills for what I did write here. We have gone through this together already today, but yeah. I’m Sorry ❤


6 thoughts on “Out of Character Behaviour

  1. Dear Edi:

    Everyone makes mistakes, but only the very intelligent and beautiful people in the world, are capable of using communication as the universal solvent. I am happy to have you back in my life.


  2. I’m so proud of u boo! <3…you may be young…but u always take responsibilities for your actions and you learn things that take some people a lifetime…u have a good heart and ur a genuine person…ilu!

  3. Oh and I forgot, next time you call me gentleman, I am gonna go all the way to London and kick your ass!


  4. I am so happy too. I spent some time thinking what was the best way to kick your butt Edi… good thing i did not need to. lol Love u both

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