Friday 11th May – Journal

Friday May 11th 2012

Been a while since I wrote on my Journal page, so thought I would today. Friday is simply the best day of the week 😀 Everyone looks forward to the weekend, finishing work and going home to relax for the next couple of days. That is of course…if you are someone who does not work on Weekends. If you do, then…sorry 😦

I’m looking forward to this weekend in particular for real life. It’s my grandads birthday weekend and on Sunday a lot of close family shall be going to my grandparents house and having a nice dinner to celebrate. Our family get togethers are always interesting for many reasons as I think most Peoples are. I personally love them. I especially love seeing my little cousins, just to torment the. Cruel I know, but they love it really….I do that’s for sure! 😛

As for Second Life, I saw this morning on Flickr news about some idiot stealing other photographers work from Flickr and uploading it onto another site, selling it and claiming it as his own. He was of course spotted and for the last 24 hours has been receiving numerous reports filed against him on Deviant Art. From what I heard, his account has gone now or been blocked…not 100% sure. If he hasn’t already, I’m sure it won’t be long before he is! Makes you sick really…bleh!!

Well, hope you all have a nice weekend with whatever plans you have. I’m sure It will be rain filled again here in the UK 🙂 It’s amazing, In a country known for its wet Weather, we have had the dryest 18 months ever. The last 3 weeks though have provided us with all 18 months worth of Rain pretty much…taking a country that was officially in drought nearly to flood levels lol. Gotta love England 🙂 Never a dull moment weather wise really!!


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