Windowshopping Made Beautiful

Yesterday, the 5th Annual SL Home & Garden Expo opened it’s doors for the Second Life public to go mad with their Lindens, raising money for Relay For Life. The Expo spans across 14 sims, packed full of anything you could want for your SL Home. Myself and Rico braved the lag yesterday afternoon to go and see as much as we could. We didn’t manage to see all yet, but we did see one exhibit which we truly loved.

We discovered Neva Crystall’s Windowshopping Exhibit on Expo Sim 1, created by Neva in collaboration for INSPIRATION Magazine (Pitsch Parx). The exhibit basically is 4 separate rooms inside a glass structure. Each room seems to have a theme and contains furnitures from many different Second Life creators. I was just blown away at the beauty of it all. The way it was designed and decorated was flawless, the furniture used was simply perfect for the look and feel.

At the actual exhibit, you cannot directly purchase the items on display…no…there is something much cooler which, to be honest prefered. Outside each room at the corner of the buildings, there are boards where you can get a notecard. That notecard contains 4 more notecards which tell you where every item used in each room is from, with a direct landmark to the main store. Just the other day, I was saying to my friends that I cannot think of any more great furniture stores at the moment. This COMPLETELY helped. It helped me find new stores with amazing creations…which of course we ended up spending quite a few Lindens on 😛

I’m a big lover of Interior Design, always have been and I was totally blown away by this one. Well worth going to check it out if you have some time over the next couple of weeks! The Expo really holds some great work this year and there is plenty of choice to suit everyone.

Also, look out for the all new INSPIRATION Magazine which shall be releasing its first issue very soon! According to a notecard I received from this exhibit, they are looking for people to join the team. Love Interior Design and want to be part of it? Contact Pitsch Parx 🙂



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