The Summer Feeling…

It’s amazing that in the space of a weekend, it goes from really cold, to super HOT. I personally think that UK is one of the best places in the world for weather, because we really have everything. And it can all change within a few days…quite interesting really. Never gets boring that’s for sure!

I decided to head out this evening once it had cooled down a bit, grab my phone and take some pics along my walk. I consider myself being quite lucky really. I live in a great area, doesn’t take my long to get into the Center of London if I want to…and it’s just so quiet. I was going to head down to the River but I couldn’t be bothered, so I walked along what I used to call as a kid – ‘ The Yellow Brick Road ‘

I blame my grandparents for the name of this walkway. There are no bricks, no yellow…its just a road. Not quite sure why they called it that, but either way, it has stuck with my forever.It’s really humid tonight and sticky…bleh. Nice walk though. Took some pics for you to see. I wanted to share my walk 🙂

Certainly getting that summer feeling here at the minute, are you? 😀


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