Your Chance To Meet The MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2012 Finalists!

Want to get to know the 2012 MR VIRTUAL WORLD FINALISTS a little better? Well, your chance is now! Rico shall be giving short interviews and placing them up on the Associated SL Press website to give everyone the chance to see what the 19 finalists are all about.

The official Finalist list as of MAY 29TH 2012 looks like this:

1.  Silvano Korobase – MR. AUSTRIA

2.  Boniefacio – MR. BELGIUM

3.  Tadeu Gartner – MR. BRAZIL

4.  Adonis Hansome – MR. CANADA

5.  Ramsa Luv – MR. FINLAND

6.  Jonathan Baptistte – MR. FRANCE

7.  Noel Denimore – MR. GERMANY

8.  Miko Scorpio – MR. GREECE

9.  TymonAlexander – MR. INDIA

10. Divos Titanium – MR. IRELAND

11. Metos Beaumont – MR. LUXEMBOURG

12. Sothis Sirius – MR. MEXICO

13. Maxime Tyran – MR. MONACO

14. Trae Westland – MR. MONTENEGRO

15.  eLJhay Denver – MR. PHILIPPINES

16. Hikaru Enimo – MR. NORWAY

17  erikstyle – MR. SCOTLAND

18. Kenshin Xevion – MR. SPAIN

19. World Undercroft – MR. UNITED KINGDOM


This will be a great oppertunity for the Misters to introduce themselves to the public, as many of this years finalists are new faces in the modeling world. Will be great to get to know them!

You can follow all of these interviews on the Associated SL Press Website. Rico shall be posting the interviews very soon, as the final is just WEEKS away!



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