I’m very excited to finally begin my next batch of Avi Interviews to showcase here on the blog. My first group I couldn’t be more happy with. Interviewed some great people from different fields in Second Life, and it was great to get to them know a little better and showcase what they are all about!

I Interviewed quite a few models in the first series. Although this Second group will start off with a model interview, I am aiming to feature more designers and store owners. They all play a HUGE role in Second Life, because without them, there wouldn’t be anything around to keep Second Life as exciting and fresh as it is today.

Look out in the next few days for the first of the Second group of AVI INTERVIEWS. I shall also be featuring some more in my *RISING STARS* page too. If you get a notecard from me inworld, that means I probably want to feature YOU for your hard word and dedication to the Second Life community 🙂

KEEP UPDATED via the following links, or read past interviews!



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