Monday Blues Are Not So Bad

It’s monday, which is officially the most depressing day of the week. To be honest, ever since I was a kid at school, I always liked mondays. They are not so bad :) I look at it like this, If we wake up on a Monday, Tuesday or any day of the week…its a good day :)

Yesterday was having a Blue mood for some reason. Me and Rico went out across the grid and got some things to style for blogs this week, and we both chose the color Blue, but did it in our own styles. I’m hoping Rico will post his look sometime this week too so you can see it. I chose items from various places including NotSoBad, Sleepy Eddy, Decoy and .SHI. All details for my Blue Monday style are below ❤


SLEEPY EDDY Tank Top (Mens Department)

NOTSOBAD Mungo Jeans

IRUCO Formal Shoes (White)

DECOY Maya Scarf (Plain Blue)

ENTENTE Castro Hat (Slate)

GRASP Biker Gloves (Black)

HOORENBEEK Rocker Jeans Accessories

.SHI Geometria Unisex Glasses Wooden (Mens Department)


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