Perspectives On Life

Last night, I was suffering with Insomnia so began watching some TV shows on BBC iPlayer which I had missed that night on TV. After watching a few shows, I still couldn’t sleep, so began watching ‘Britain In a Day’. Basically,this is the same format and concept as the film ‘Life In A Day’. If you have never seen either, it features normal people from across Britain who film 24 hours of their lives. Then at the end, all the submissions are edited together into one film and it takes you through all 24 hours of that same day through hundreds of eyes. Really amazing. Life In a Day is the same, except it focuses on people from all around the world instead of just the UK.

Im a sucker when it comes to TV and Films. I cry way to easily and get so involved in them, it’s like I’m actually living the life. So I was laying in bed smiling, crying, worrying amongst other emotions just from this one film. I think maybe it was the fact it was all REAL, rather than a story like you see in the movies. It showed things like, people waking up in the morning, making breakfast and feeding the kids, to a man in hospital with only days to live, about to see his daughter get married. That one in particular got to me. Was so sad.

Last Birthday Card my Grandma gave to me before she passed. I will always keep it ❤

Seeing the little kiddies doing their daily routines too. Playing with their parents and friends, watching tv, eating dinner and breakfast….screaming. I have always wanted a kid in the future, so for me it was like I was actually there, and they were my kids. There was just something about this one film that really changed my outlook on things all of a sudden. Life is way too short. There is so much out there to be achieved, and I’m at an age where I can begin doing all that. I feel really lucky.

Sometimes I sit around and I think I take life for granted way too often. I take people for granted. Family, I don’t go and see as much as I could and should. Really made me think. An example of this is how at the beginning of the year I lost two very important people to me, in the space of 2 months. Just like that…gone. Both times, I was going to see them on the day they died. With my Grandma Marion, who passed first. She always dreamt of seeing me on-screen and on stage, performing. She always knew what I wanted to do, and unfortunately she never really got that chance. In some ways, I feel I let her down, yet in some I feel she will be with me when I do finally get to do that. It was really horrible, because on the day I heard the news she had died, I went onto my Real Life Facebook for the first time in a few days and checked my messages. My heart sank when I saw a message asking If I wanted to go and see her. I didn’t see it before, so I did not get the chance to see her a final time. That really changed me in some ways. And with my Grandma Mary, It was a similar thing. I was supposed to go and see her on the day that she died. Nanna Mary was always a big part of my life, we used to go everywhere together when I was a kid. I miss her like crazy and still now it doesn’t feel like she is gone. I’m sobbing writing this, but well….just pushes me on to do great things in life and make them proud of me 🙂

Anyway, will stop now. I wanted to write this down and share it with you. If you ever get chance to see these films I highly recommend them. It really will make you feel a LOT of emotions. It did with me anyway. Life is short, we must make the most of it and be grateful for what we have got and WHO we have in our lives. Any Life. It won’t last forever. I see that now, and last night was certainly a wake up call.

Edi ❤


6 thoughts on “Perspectives On Life

  1. Edi, I know what you mean. I have seen that show and it is emotional roller-coaster but at the end, you are drained, happy, sad, and a whole can of emotions you didnt even think you had. I wish i could make you feel better on your down days and I wish I could share your up days with you as well. But just know that i adore you, love, worry for you and think of you often because you are my brother, my friend and my comrade and love all in one package. Thank you for coming into my life, taking my hand and making me braver than i ever thought I could be.

  2. damn …tough stuff to read edi…ill try to get my hands on the film …thanks fo
    r sharing something so personal…

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