@ Home <3

I don’t think Rico really realized what he was letting himself in for when we got together. He is someone who likes to have a home and would keep it for years without a problem. Me on the otherhand, after a few months of one place, I like a change. Whilst being terrible on the wallet, it is money well spent and Second Life gives us that luxury where it is easier to create a home…and then change it when you want.

We have had this house for about a month now, on a private homestead and it’s our fav so far. I wanted to blog something different today and get back to blogging in general as time has been limited for the past few weeks due to the Stand4Love Campaign. So I decided to take some snaps of the house we did together 🙂

I love interior decorating and I’m a regular reader of Architectural Digest and here in Second Life, we really have a lot of resources to allow our creativity to flow. The house is from MAVEN HOMES and it struck our attention right away. I’ll admit, it is not the prettiest of exteriors at all, looks more like an office blog than a house, however the interior is awesome. It has a lot of open spaces and inspiration for decorating this place were places such as the Google Headquarters and modern city apartments. We wanted it to be colorful and each room to have a very different feel. For example, the Kitchen is very colorful and playful, whereas the living room is cosy with the deep reds and blacks.

So here it is, this is our home. Feel free to drop by some day ❤


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