InWorld Inc. New Gen PRESS RELEASE

Press Release

        InWorld Inc. New Generation Announces New CEO Liam Netizen

        See (168, 78, 105) Secondlife – June 25, 2012 – (InWorld News)

        Maya Sharpshire, President of InWorld Inc. New Generation, announced today the appointment of Liam Netizen as InWorld Inc. New Generation CEO. Liam brings with him a very vast experience as a model and in Management from several important Organizations.

        “We welcome Liam´s experience and leadership to the IWING community,” said Ms. Sharpshire. “In his new role as chief executive officer, he will be responsible for a results-oriented approach. His ability to think strategically will play a pivotal role in extending our track record of innovation, while helping us grow profitability.

        IWING is at the forefront of media communication, Image, Marketing & Event Management Companies. The most influential brands and companies are using InWorld Inc. New Generation as their answer to SL´s toughtest challengues.¨ Said Sharpshire. ¨We are excited to welcome Liam in his new role at IWING. He will help us service the many great brands and clients in SL and help us to fully exploit the opportunities available. As we bid farewell wishing well to Ewan Crumb our former CEO who has decided to pursue his own career, we now have a stronger than ever team with topnotch professionals in their fields as proven in our organizational chart below.

        President – Maya Sharpshire
        Vice- Presidents – Teyara Mayo & Landa Crystal
        CEO – Liam Netizen
        COO – Dasia Mocha
        Executive Officers – AntoniaXP and Helen Zhora

        About Us.

We are a professional, creative team of Media, Image, Marketing & Event Management Specialists. At InWorld Inc. New Generation we are Fresh, Young, Creative, Style Saavy, Idealist and Cutting Edge. We have a combined many SL years of experience producing high-quality events of every type and scale and helping our clients with their Image and Marketing needs. Our passion is managing the behind-the-scenes details to deliver a superior experience for our clients and their audience. We thrive on delighting you – our valued customer – by helping you achieve results that meet or exceed your business goals.


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